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Nagarro's mission is "to make distance irrelevant between intelligent people". We have always practiced ways of working that allow us have teams which are distributed across different cities and countries. We are present in over 25 countries and in India Nagarrians currently work from over 100 locations.

Nagarro recognized the value of a distributed team long before COVID-19. Our core values of Responsible, Agile, and Non-hierarchical empower Nagarrians to be self-driven and allow this type of remote and distributed way of working. If you would like to be part of a truly modern organization which is driven by its entrepreneurial, flat, and agile org design, and are based in India, just send us your resume.

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Zeros and ones are more fun here!

At Nagarro, you will solve some of the most challenging problems out there. Nagarrians work on flight planning systems, solutions that light up the world's biggest monuments and high-end retail stores, creating next-gen locking systems, connected and autonomous cars, machine vision-driven defect detection, augmented reality-driven maintenance, 5G-driven fan engagements in stadiums, and many more. Our clients depend on us for their most complex and business-critical problems.

We work with cool tech, enjoy a great work-life balance, and have great fun together. 

We are CARING.

Our guiding principles are defined by our core values of CARING. We believe in a humanistic, people-first way of working.

The Agile, Responsible, and Non-Hierarchical core values enable individuals to express themselves freely and take on self-governing roles - we don't believe in the concept of bosses.

The Client-centric and Intelligent core values bring focus on understanding and solving business-critical problems for our clients - we aren't just simple "order takers".

The Global core value states our intent of working with colleagues from all over the world as one team for our clients - we don't want to be a backend-frontend company.

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Did you say Glass Ceiling?

Being Caring means being inclusive. We work proactively on trying to be a company which doesn't differentiate based on gender or race.

Our “Glass Window Program” enables greater participation of younger Nagarrians in leadership and management processes. This program also helps increase women participation in leadership roles.

Flexible work policies enable families with younger children to balance work with personal life more effectively.

At Nagarro, opportunities to grow are accessible to all, including people with disabilities. 


Rajat Arora
Full-stack .NET Developer

Rajat Arora1

"Nagarro constantly helps me broaden my horizons, think strategically, and have an innovative approach towards every challenge. It feels great to be a part of such empowering organization."


Anjali Sharma
Quality Assurance Engineer


"Working in Nagarro has groomed me to succeed in a dynamic environment and have a positive approach towards everything. This is a place where thousands of employees work, but your ideas are still acknowledged. Love it here!"


Life @ Nagarro

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