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Implementing a unique secure collaboration solution for a product company

The story

We all collaborate with third parties day in and day out, requiring the exchange of vast amounts of sensitive data to carry out business operations and drive growth. We all have used an online collaboration tool, whether it was SharePoint, Dropbox, Box, or others. But how do you know if they are as safe as you want them to be?
Securing sensitive information and preventing its unauthorized sharing remains a challenge. What businesses need today is a robust data security technique that protects digital assets, even when they are shared externally with people outside the organization. They also need to ensure digital assets involving Intellectual Property, copyright material, confidential designs, or documents are all shared as well accessed in a secure manner both internally as well as externally.
We recently partnered with Seclore - one of the leading providers of data-centric security solutions, for a unique collaboration solution that helps keep data safe and secure, irrespective of where it travels and on which device the user accesses it. Such a platform would enable enterprises to implement stringent measures to safeguard critical data and maintain compliance with privacy and data security regulations.

Building a unique solution

To meet the requirements for our partner Seclore, we helped them build a multi-tenant, scalable and secure collaboration solution that can enable secure file-sharing and collaboration.




A seamless solution

The solution is built on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, Microsoft SharePoint, and provides end-to-end protection by Seclore's leading Digital Rights Management (DRM) software. The solution offers safe, effective, and compliant collaboration, bridging the divide between organizations and their external partners for more efficient and secure business operations.


Maintaining security

While ECM helps manage, store, and deliver documents related to business processes, a DRM helps protect digital content and intellectual property rights by enabling businesses to monitor as well as control access, usage, distribution, and modification of digital content to prevent unauthorized copying, sharing, downloading and piracy.

The functionalities

As a managed service offering, the solution is power packed with critical functionalities like IAM, ECM, secure storage, watermark, thumbnail preview, faster performance, etc. It’s designed to address the challenges of secure external collaboration by providing end-to-end security, user-friendly collaboration features, real-time monitoring, and reporting capabilities. It also helps ensure regulatory compliance and enables businesses to maintain complete control and visibility of their data while ensuring productive external partnerships.

Frame 194-Oct-06-2023-05-52-56-2349-AM


Key features delivered

The key features that addressed the challenges of a secure external collaboration platform include:

Resilience icon-Oct-06-2023-05-59-07-1681-AM

Dynamic and static watermarking

- Protected/DRM documents are rendered with a real-time dynamic, user-specific watermark to reduce the risk of data leakage on upload and download.
- Non-DRM documents are rendered with pre-defined static watermarking on upload and download.

Intelligence icon-3

Custom viewer with pagination

Enables users to get a sneak peek into the contents of the secured document on the platform. It is also enabled with with access controls such as zoom in-zoom out, paginations, etc., and has dynamic watermark for security purposes.

Intelligence icon-1-1

Disabling copy

Allows you to disable the copy content feature on the protected documents to ensure complete content protection.

Resilience icon-1-1


Determine who can view, edit, or share files. It allows administrators to define user roles and permissions, granting specific access privileges to individuals or groups.

Intelligence icon-2-1

Protection on downloaded files

Ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive information as it requires their official email ID to download with specific access privileges.


Elevated user experience

Documents have a thumbnail preview, so the user can view them just by hovering over the document name. Users can open the documents with a single click on the custom viewer.

The impact

The successful implementation of a secure and scalable collaboration solution has delivered substantial benefits, including:

  • Boosted Productivity: By streamlining secure data sharing, the solution fosters an environment for enhanced productivity, enabling teams to zero in on core tasks.
  • Advanced Security: With detailed controls and real-time monitoring, businesses can now share sensitive data, including IP, without jeopardizing security, considerably mitigating the chances of data breaches.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The solution guarantees adherence to evolving regulatory standards, protecting enterprises from the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.
  • Operational Agility: The solution's scalability and adaptability will help organizations adjust to changing business needs and regulatory landscapes, making it a future-proof investment for secure collaboration.
Frame 194-Oct-06-2023-06-01-39-0578-AM
Through Nagarro's technology consulting and integrated solution with Seclore's DRM product, the client’s vision of reimagining secure collaboration, internally or externally with their partners can be achieved for various domains.
Frame 194-Oct-06-2023-06-02-15-0537-AM

Let’s look at a few use cases for the solution across different industry verticals

Companies across the automobile industry have enormous amounts of sensitive data like price lists, marketing collateral, and R&D data that are often shared with external parties - dealer outlets and agencies. To ensure compliance with data security regulations without compromising on data security, a secure collaboration platform helps set necessary access controls on documents and ensure that sensitive data is accessible to certain users only.
Telecommunications firms often share information, including legal documents, customer data, M&A correspondence, etc., externally. To ensure utmost data security when the data travels, a secure collaboration tool helps define the access rights on how the files are used and distributed, add watermarks, and disable copy documents feature to prevent unauthorized access and sharing.
Insurance companies usually outsource non-core operations such as claims processing, collections, printing, etc., to third-party vendors. While the data is shared outside the enterprise network, it is legally of utmost importance for insurers to ensure complete data protection of sensitive customer and agent information. This is why a secure collaboration tool is a must to get granular visibility on the usage of data and ensure that only authorized users can access it.
The gaming industry generates massive data in the form of CAD/CAM files to produce designs, manufacturing specifications, and other documents containing supplier details. As the information travels externally, companies require a secure collaboration platform that helps them control how the data is being used, including copying or forwarding, when it leaves their network.
The pharma sector is highly dependent on research and development, with companies investing around 20 percent or more of their sales revenues in R&D projects, according to a report by Statista. As non-core functions are being outsourced today, there is a massive exchange of information across borders – both organizational and national. This is why pharma companies require a secure collaboration solution to ensure the security and safety of their IP – even after the data crosses their firewall.