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success story

Quality 4.0 transformation

A centralized SPC solution for Bottling Plants to accelerate process improvements across 26 factories for real-time data-driven decision-making.
The client wanted to replace their existing cumbersome, paper-based system of collecting and analyzing data. They wanted to standardize processes across their sites and monitor overall efficiency. Audits and quality compliance were daunting and time-consuming tasks as well.
A pilot project was run in order to configure the Quality Intelligence Solution which best qualified the client’s needs to build a unified solution for improved process visibility and quality control. Automating data collection on the process line and operator training with easy-to-use dashboards were integral and necessary upgrades. Dashboards also included focused reminders with assignable causes and corrective action entries which streamlined the quality control process.
The Quality Intelligence Solution showed early positive success and was scaled up to 26 factories. It enabled real-time visibility over production processes—both within individual sites and at the corporate level across dozens of factories. With automated data collection and tracking trends in quality data, the users could make accurate and timely decisions about process improvements, and improved process capability by 50% within a month. The on-demand, configurable data reports eliminated manual documentation and improved overall efficiency. By reducing overfill, the client saved a quarter of a million dollars in the first year.