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Powering digital transformation for a leading carmaker

In an evolving automotive landscape, a digital presence is key to a seamless customer experience. 

As customer journeys gradually evolve, automotive OEMs must invest in the right digital channels and ensure they don’t lose customers due to the lack of an optimized digital experience platform. 

Our client is a leading carmaker with a presence in the commercial vehicle segment as well. As an automaker with decades of operations, the client had deep roots across channels. They wanted to augment this with a seamless digital experience for their customers. 



Nagarro is a long-standing and valued partner for the client. Even though we weren't their digital experience partner, they trusted us to help them figure out flaws in their existing digital platform when the incumbent couldn’t.

They wanted us to help them navigate the changing automotive landscape. They wanted us to assess their existing Digital Experience Platform (DXP), identify loopholes, and suggest the scope for improvements to tackle the needs of their ever-growing customer base.

Nagarro took a two-pronged approach. We analyzed the client’s several digital properties and identified areas for immediate intervention. We then helped them draft a strategy to accelerate their digital transformation and deliver futuristic digital experiences.

Impressed with our commitment to the partnership and ability to figure out flaws when the incumbent couldn’t, they instilled confidence in our capabilities, and they asked us to do an assessment of their entire platform. Eventually, Nagarro became the favored ally in their digital transformation journey. 


Business need

As part of the assessment, we began by assessing various digital properties to identify the potential challenges and areas of improvements. This was extremely crucial as the client planned to launch five new car variants during their year and they wanted the digital platform to not just support the high user traffic but also augment the sales and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

As we looked into the infrastructure challenges and solved them for scale and performance, we wanted to build a platform that functions as a growth powerhouse and allows a seamless user experience across its multiple websites. 

The client offers products across categories and has multiple websites targeting different customer segments. They wanted to revamp their website and improve its performance across factors like load time, navigation, user interface, and user journeys.

They also wanted to reduce the bounce rate (67%) and enhance customer experience. They needed a partner with proven expertise in end-to-end Sitecore architecture implementation. And support them in conceptualizing and integrating seamless user journeys.  


As a consulting partner, Nagarro conducted a gap analysis for their existing platform, its coding, deployment and management, and architectural landscape and submitted a recommendation report offering unprecedented insights and detailing the ideal future state. We worked with their existing implementation partner for the evaluation and did a holistic demo.

On the UI/UX front, Nagarro did extensive secondary research of competitor websites and created user flows, customer journey maps, and low/high fidelity wireframes, and visual designs, which were appreciated by the client and planned for revamping the websites.

We proposed and implemented MACH architecture for various co-brands with multiple individual websites hosted on Sitecore.

We pointed out that they needed to upgrade their UX to integrate the latest capabilities. This was followed by an analysis of their customer data platform, which eventually led to the client asking us to onboard as one of the implementation partners for their new website. 

Revolutionizing Automotive Experiences: Success Story


The client witnessed an enhanced performance score for their website, and the customer drop-out rate substantially decreased. Our consulting engagement helped the client improve user interface consistency across all websites for various brands. We recommended a common reusable headless architecture-based platform that will ensure substantial maintenance and enhancement cost savings.

The client now considers us their preferred consulting partner for their DXP re-platforming exercise. We are also an implementation partner for a project involving 1000s of dealership websites in addition to the marquee sites. 

From Flaws to Favored Ally: Nagarro's Impact on Carmaker's DXP


Improved performance score for client's website.


An extensive industry analysis helped draft a competitive digital strategy.


A reduced bounce rate helped deliver an improved user experience.

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