With digitization front and center of the overall strategy for businesses today, the traditional approach to cyber security has to change. A good-security-day is no longer a day when "nothing happens," it is a day when the business gains greater awareness and control over its key success factors. Today, businesses are investing in new technology more aggressively than ever before to transform their business models. Identifying, measuring and managing the complex, rapidly evolving risks associated with new technology and data will be a significant determining factor in the long-term success or failure of today's digitization strategies. An effective cyber-security risk management program is a foundation that allows digital businesses to invest appropriately to prepare for and withstand common threats.

At Nagarro, our trusted security and risk management consultants focus on a relationship-based approach to not only identify and manage risks but to make security an enabler of our clients' business strategies. Our services combine technical competence with business experience to help clients define and realize the benefits of their digitization strategies while managing the risk associated with innovation in areas including cloud, mobile, and IoT. We cover a spectrum of security needs from strategic advisory for CISOs and boards to technical red team engagements where we non-destructively carry out realistic, advanced threat scenarios.

Our security offerings can be summarized in three groups that cover our clients’ security needs from top to bottom.

Strategic Security Advisory & Project Management

Our security experts have an open dialogue on topics such as security, privacy, and risk with our clients’ CISOs and business leaders. We develop, implement, and measure information security management systems that bring cyber risk awareness and management tools to top-level management and stakeholders. We provide security project management for complex, multi-stakeholder projects—including policy and compliance, custom IAM and vulnerability management implementations.

Operational Security

We offer operational security expertise at all levels of our clients’ organizations that includes both short-term posts to fill a gap while assisting with recruiting and onboarding as well as long-term placements to fill information security management or CISO positions. Our security experts possess a unique blend of business and technical competencies. Our security professionals can work across a range of security roles, from a CISO in a large public organization to a security architect in an agile technology startup.

Technical Security Testing

Our technical security testing and assessment services are for all types of environments and infrastructure (cloud, mobile, IoT, ICS, etc.). Whether the goal is to quickly baseline the attack surface of a multi-site infrastructure via vulnerability scanning or to identify and fix vulnerabilities in an application prior to production release via penetration testing, we get the job done quickly and professionally. Moreover, our experts work together with technical and business stakeholders to prioritize cost-effective and business-appropriate options to address vulnerabilities and manage cyber risk.