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31 Jul - 03 Aug
Booth #3, La Cantera Resort & Spa | San Antonio
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By Randhula de Silva, Jo Aggarwal, Manas Fuloria
60 mins
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Break it to improve it

Modern software is built on complex architectures and has multiple interdependencies, And chances are, if one dependency fails, it can trigger cascading failures and subsequently outages. The reality is that failures are inevitable, and businesses can't afford to go down in this era of immediacy. Resilience engineering enables systems to recover from failures and remain persistent in-service dependability. It produces a system that can adapt in the face of failure. Nagarro can help you build resilient systems and deliver the “it just works” experience your customers want.
what we do
Strategy Consulting
Launch a chaos engineering program at scale across your organization, build a business case, and even run a pilot. Our curated consulting engagements help define and prioritize resilience parameters and create a roadmap that quickly realizes the ROI.
Resiliency Assessment
Set up observability around the SLIs and SLOs that indicate your systems’ resilience. Build a culture of continuous chaos through our resiliency framework that allows your team to find faults before they become outages.
Resiliency Engineering
Develop the confidence to unleash chaos in production. Consult with us to design and implement graceful degradation strategies and build a resilient architecture that works. Scale resilience engineering to realize business resilience goals across organizational functions.
Managed Services
Trust our SRE teams to ensure your system's reliability and resiliency through continuous discovery, detection and maintenance.

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Delivering business continuity with resilience engineering

An estimated $2 Mn saved in lost revenue with improved resilience amidst cloud platform outages for a leading manufacturing organization.
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