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Scale faster, scale reliably

Who doesn’t love systems that just work? We all do!


But, do you know the technology behind building systems that quickly recover from unexpected conditions? It’s resilience engineering.
Modern software is built on complex architectures and has multiple interdependencies. Chances are, if one dependency fails, it can trigger cascading failures and subsequently outages. The reality is failures are inevitable, and businesses can't afford to go down in this era of immediacy. Resilience engineering ensures that your systems recover from failures and remain persistent in all conditions, without interrupting the customer experience. It produces a system that can adapt in the face of failure. With resilience engineering, you can easily build resilient systems and deliver the “it just works” experience your customers want.


What we do

We offer a gamut of services for different stages of your resilience journey:


Vector 27
Determine business-critical indicators, specify adaptive capacity requirements, and build roadmaps through curated engagements.

IV&V testing

Vector 27
Validate software reliability and resiliency; build a culture of continuous chaos through our resiliency framework and find faults before they become outages.

Resiliency Ops

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Implement early detection mechanisms; automate self-heal behaviors and runbooks to minimize the damage of an incident.


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Design and implement graceful degradation strategies and build a resilient architecture that works.

Our Resilience Engineering framework

Implement this proprietary framework to learn, measure, and build solutions that reliably deliver a consistent experience. Ensure massive transactions in a day with high system availability/uptime of four or five 9s:

Resilience Engineering Framework_Nagarro

Why partner with Nagarro?

Improve business resilience and ensure continuity. Fill in this form to connect with us for a free consultation or demo of a chaos engineering experiment.


  • Design and implement resilience and reliability tests with ease. Our skilled, professional services teams will support you in implementing industry-leading chaos engineering tools.
  • Improve visibility of application performance; our resiliency experts will help you implement enterprise observability and monitoring tools.
  • Implement automation for auto-recovery behaviors with our DevOps teams.

Our Resilience Engineering experts

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Dushyant Sahni_Nagarro
Dushyant Anoop Sahni
Global Practice Head - Resilience Engineering
Siddhartha Arora_Nagarro
Siddhartha Arora
Resilience Engineering Expert

Featured success stories view all

Assuring 2000 payment transactions per second reliably with resiliency testing

Nagarro enables 16X reduction in failed transactions
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Nagarro enables 16X reduction in failed transactions

Delivering business continuity with resilience engineering

An estimated $2 Mn saved in lost revenue with improved resilience amidst cloud platform outages for a leading manufacturing organization.

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Delivering business continuity with resilience engineering
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Our partners

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Resilience engineering

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