Gain financial control over your cloud ops

FinOps, an evolving cloud financial management discipline, enables cross-functional teams to drive financial accountability.


As you undertake your cloud modernization journey, FinOps helps you unlock the business value.
We live in the cloud era where businesses across all industry verticals have migrated to the cloud to accelerate innovation, growth, and agility. While cloud adoption may promise cost savings, it is far from reality. To prevent huge cloud costs from derailing the cloud journey, FinOps can help break down the barriers between the cross-functional teams such as technology, finance, and business, and empower them to drive financial accountability and collaborate on data-driven spending decisions. What's more? FinOps also enables enterprises to innovate at faster speeds while improving operational resilience.

The challenge

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of cloud spendings are wasted by organizations across industries
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of businesses claim that poor cloud financial management has hurt their business
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of businesses say that that cloud cost management is a daily worry


What we offer

We help you create a cloud cost-aware culture with these offerings:

FinOps Consulting &
Cloud Cost Optimization

FinOps Assessment

Set up a central FinOps team, create a roadmap to rollout FinOps practices across the organization, drive cultural shifts, and keep cloud costs within the expected range.
Determine the current state of your FinOps journey with our proprietary assessment. You can also have a goal-setting workshop with our consultants to build a long-term roadmap.

FinOps Implementation

FinOps Tooling

Assess your existing cloud environment(s), review the overall architecture, implement tagging strategy, right-size your infrastructure, identify waste, improve forecast accuracy and negotiate better plans with your cloud service provider.
Leverage the right FinOps tool to provide you with increased visibility over cloud usage and spend across the organization for accurate forecasting as well as budgeting.

FinOps Adoption Roadmap

Here are the steps we adopt – Discover, Define, Develop and Launch – to enable organizations to unlock the value of cloud efficiently.

  • Discover: Conduct an assessment of your current state of cloud cost management
  • Define: Define the FinOps model including common vocabulary, operating model, FinOps team, tooling, cross-functional contributions, and other key interactions
  • Develop: Develop a strategy to optimize current cloud costs
  • Launch: Implement FinOps with the right communication strategy, workflows, KPIs & reporting dashboards 
•	Cloud financial management services_Finops adoption roadmap

Why Nagarro for your Cloud FinOps services?

  • Dedicated team of certified FinOps professionals
  • Partnership with some of the leading FinOps certified platforms
  • In-depth Maturity Assessment Survey for various FinOps capabilities
  • Reference architecture to help you embrace the culture of FinOps at scale
  • Rapid proof-of-value model that helps in deciding if FinOps is the right thing for you

Our FinOps expert

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Dheeraj Sharma_Nagarro
Dheeraj Sharma
Certified FinOps Practitioner and Software Development Lead - FinOps

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