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Synchronize MS Outlook with your SAP system

maiConnect is a bidirectional real-time Microsoft Outlook integration for SAP. It is compatible with all SAP CRM systems: SAP Sales Cloud, SAP CRM onPrem and SAP S/4HANA Customer Management.

maiConnect eliminates tedious back-office work such as manual data entry or data import/export, saving time and money through reduced maintenance and service costs. In addition, maiConnect simplifies data-driven decisions by providing more up-to-date information.


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How maiConnect works

Achieve bidirectional and real-time synchronicity between Microsoft Outlook and your SAP system in three simple steps.

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Perform tasks
1. Perform your tasks

Simply create or update your appointments, tasks, or contacts in either Outlook or SAP Sales Cloud/SAP CRM.

Seamless sync
2. Sit back & relax

maiConnect does the synchronization without requiring a single extra click.

Quick data sync
3. Get synced in seconds

Within seconds, data is synchronized and you have a full overview of all customer data in both systems.

maiConnect: Features at a glance

Synchronize recurring appointments


Create and synchronize contact details


Attach email conversations to accounts or contact partners


Classify emails as opportunities, leads, or quotes


Create service tickets and assignments


Assign emails to contact persons or customers


Some of our maiConnect implementations


For Remmers GmbH, Nagarro implemented maiConnect for SAP Sales Cloud, catering to 750 users with the primary goal of digitizing, harmonizing, and facilitating sales processes. This project also achieved bidirectional real-time synchronization of appointments, emails, tasks, and other objects between SAP Sales Cloud and Microsoft Outlook, streamlining communication and enhancing operational efficiency.

For Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Nagarro successfully implemented maiConnect for SAP Sales Cloud for 150 users. This deployment not only streamlined Henkel's sales processes through the automation of emails, appointments, tasks, and contacts but also optimized sales team schedules and travel times, ensuring more effective customer interactions.

For the Friedhelm Loh Group, Nagarro implemented maiConnect for SAP CRM, seamlessly integrating it for 750 users across a globally diverse and complex Exchange landscape. This implementation provided a smooth connection between the group's extensive Exchange network and the SAP CRM system, enhancing global communication and data management capabilities.

For Wacker Chemie AG, Nagarro successfully implemented bidirectional synchronization of appointments, tasks, and contacts between SAP CRM and Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, utilizing SAP's standard technology. This project included initial synchronization for offline access and usability on various devices, coupled with centralized monitoring through middleware and application logs.

“With our SAP add-ons, companies can make better use of their resources and seamlessly integrated data as a means of generating greater value added.”


 – Oliver Mosick, Senior Sales Manager, Nagarro

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