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Embedded technologies are central to implementing modern electronic systems that are smart and connected yet secure and power-efficient. An end-to-end view of the system architecture is critical to meet such conflicting requirements. At Nagarro’s embedded system services, we differentiate ourselves by being a single-point source for all aspects of electronic system design. Our expertise in multiple disciplines, including hardware and schematic, firmware, OS & drivers, and networking protocols, enables us to position the product at the sweet spot between conflicting requirements. We also offer design services focused on niche areas such as PLC & sensors and robotics automation. For our offerings, we leverage Nagarro’s wide range of experience across industries to incorporate industry-specific customizations in our solutions and adhere to specific regulations and certifications.

what we do
Product Engineering

Time to market is critical for shrinking product lifecycles. We help you deliver your product in the fastest possible time. Our engineering services include:

  • Hardware and schematic design
  • Firmware development - Baremetal/RTOS/Standard OS
  • Operating systems and driver development
  • Networking protocols
  • Testing
  • Industry-standard compliance and product certifications
Consulting & Product Strategy

One cannot overstate the importance of a market-fit product. We will work with you to define the right product to align with your customers’ needs. Our consulting services include:

  • Product ideation
  • Architecture
  • Components selection
  • Manufacturing partner selection
Proof of Concept Design

Early prototypes and Proof-of-Concept designs help in demonstrating the viability of an idea. We can help you bring out a minimum viable product (MVP) in the fastest possible time. Our services include:

  • Hardware and schematic design
  • Firmware development - Baremetal/RTOS/Standard OS
  • Operating systems and driver development
  • Networking protocols
  • Industrial & mechanical design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Patenting & IP protection
Product Lifecyle Management

Product lifecycle management is challenging. We manage your existing products so that you can focus on bringing out new products. Our services include:

  • OTA firmware updates
  • In-field updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Value engineering
  • Product enhancements
  • Remote monitoring and management
Robotics & Automation

Safety and operational efficiency are driving the adoption of robotics and automation across industries. We can help you in the process using our expertise in mobile and stationary robots, drones, and AI-powered systems. Our services include:

  • Design of robotic platforms
  • Collaborative robot arm control algorithms
  • Ground robot electro-mechanical design
  • ROS based implementations
  • Robot control systems
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Battery systems & charging
  • Robot fleet management
  • Automated testing

our domain expertise

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Mitigating production risk caused by a worldwide semiconductor shortage

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Embedded firmware solution for operational efficiency

Developing IoT devices for railcar condition monitoring

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Robotic arm-based smart-lock verification

Improved efficiency and quality through automation

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