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17 - 19 May
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Connected and smart systems, a new world of opportunity

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a complex web of connected smart systems that link our devices, homes, businesses, cities, and governments, connecting billions of users and their data worldwide.

Billions of connected smart devices are playing an increasingly central role in the functioning of our modern society. The fourth industrial revolution has already begun, Industry 4.0, the physical production of goods and supply chain management through advanced digital technologies and interconnected systems.

With our embedded system's services offering, Nagarro brings innovation to the world's leading industries, businesses, cities, and governments, transforming their products and services by leveraging cutting-edge hardware and software technologies.

what we do
Consulting & Product Strategy

Are you looking to introduce a disruptive new product to the market? Or is it time to revive your existing products in the market in line with rapidly evolving customer needs, competitive offerings, and technology landscape? Whatever the motivation may be, Nagarro will work with you to:

  • Ideate and conceptualize the product with the end user in mind
  • Craft a solution that offers value to your customers
Product Engineering

Hardware product lifecycles are rapidly shrinking, and we understand the urgency to put the final product in the hands of customers. As the Proof of Concept passes through field tests and concept validation, we will incorporate key learnings testing into the product design and engage with the manufacturing partners to expedite the production process. Nagarro can assist you in:

  • Design for manufacturing
  • Industry-standard compliance
  • Product certifications
  • Manufacturing partner selection and manufacturing support
Legacy Support & Modernization

Supporting your existing customers through timely product updates is critical to guaranteeing long-term brand loyalty. Nagarro offers extensive services like:

  • In-field updates, bug fixes, and introducing additional features to your already deployed products.
  • Remote monitoring and management
Robotics & Automation

Robotics and automation initiatives are gaining traction across industries globally. Many repetitive and hazardous tasks are already handled by robots and intelligent AI-based systems delivering unparalleled operational efficiencies and economies of scale. Most products and services we consume routinely are already benefiting from high degrees of automation achieved through mobile and stationary robots, drones, and AI-powered systems. Nagarro can assist you with:

  • Design of robotic platforms
  • Proof of concept design
  • Robot fleet management
  • Automated testing
Proof of Concept Design

Need to showcase your concept to potential investors or executives? Let us help you create an impact. Through our product innovation process, we will deliver a minimum viable product on time and within budget. Our extensive expertise in component selection, design, validation, and testing ensures we deliver a prototype for limited field testing to validate the concept and capture user feedback. Further, we can assist you in:

  • Hardware design
  • Firmware design
  • Embedded Intelligence
  • Industrial & Mechanical design
  • Prototyping
  • Patenting & IP Protection

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