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07 Dec
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By Kanchan Ray, Chaitali Sengupta
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Stand out from the crowd

Building brands that people love.

We help companies to align beliefs, ideas, and purpose into a tangible output. Innovation is not only about business objectives and technical capabilities; it’s mainly about people, their needs, values, and vision. Nowadays, it’s crucial to engage with real people to move markets, transform businesses and disrupt industries. The human factor, along with data-driven insights and the power of creativity, generates incredible platforms allowing us to build solid, engaging, and sustainable brand experiences that people love.
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Built to resist, adapt, and evolve in the wild

Each brand should be unique, tell stories, and create connections. Branding is the emotional effect people experience when they think about a particular brand. Nagarro creates brands that evoke feelings, sentiments, and passion — helping to reinvent existing brands to meet today’s expectations and thrive in today’s world and new brands to meet emerging needs.

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Brand Positioning


Test & Validation

Brand Identity

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Launch and Activation

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Success stories of branding

Build the Next Leading Collaboration Platform

How we helped
Build the Next Leading Collaboration Platform
Nagarro built the first platform ever, monetized through grant provision and via the platform’s cryptocurrency, for idea generation through large-scale online collaboration among qualified users.

Strategy, Brand Design, Storytelling

Create a Superbrand with Superpowers

How we helped
Create a Superbrand with Superpowers
In 2020, Nagarro was inspired to be reintroduced to the world when became publicly traded on the stock market. Leading by example, and guided by the core values, Nagarro set out to tell a story.

Strategy, Brand Design, Storytelling

Deliver a Premium Experience

How we helped
Deliver a Premium Experience
Nagarro served as a one-stop shop creating a fintech sub-brand and product for a LEADING bank in the MENA region. We delivered a premium experience that included strategy, design, and engineering.

Strategy, Brand Design, Product Design, Engineering, QA

How we get to the Brand Design Concept


What is your mission? What is your vision? What are you trying to solve? What are your authentic strengths, capabilities, and values?


What trends out of your control might impact your brand? What’s going on in the market? Who is doing and saying what?


Whom are we talking to? What do they need? What are their perceptions, needs, and pain points?

“We are now on track to be talking to our customers the way they want to be talked to in order to improve engagement and develop a close affinity by implementing a 360°- customer view. As a result, we are optimizing our marketing budget to ensure that we are converting as many of our marketing dollars into “good” revenue.

Thanks to Nagarro we have taken off and are on an exciting journey that begins with the customer, ends with the customer and where the sky is our only limit.”

Julieta Hernández
VP Marketing, Aeromexico


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