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17 - 20 Oct
Booth #705, Orlando | Florida
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By Kanchan Ray, Chaitali Sengupta
60 mins
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Connect with a real-time and information-rich marketplace

With Big Data and IoT gaining prominence, organizations now want to leverage large amounts of data and are creating advanced and connected products for a new generation of customers. However, due to the complex cross-channel customer journey, the customer acquisition cost and churn rate are also increasing. A more personalized and relevant experience is the bare minimum a customer expects. Employing an effective digital strategy helps in creating new business models and aids you in connecting with a real-time and information-rich marketplace, improving your reach and returns.

Nagarro’s digital services can help you beat your competition and increase customer acquisition and engagement. We can formulate a relevant digital strategy by leveraging our capabilities, partnerships, and assets in alignment with your business objectives. Our vast experience in digital transformation includes helping our clients with strategies to acquire and engage users, optimize omnichannel experiences, and innovate with cutting-edge technologies including AR/VR and deep learning.

what we do
Digital Channel Build & Optimization
CMS, e-commerce solutions, and open-source solutions to minimize the overall cost of implementation. Services include architecture, design, build, and maintenance.
User Engagement & Personalization
Enable business to start delivering personalized services with ML solutions that can continuously optimize touchpoint messaging.
Digital Marketing & Analytics
Improve overall ROI of business by at least 5–10%, with advanced digital analytics and KPI-driven measurement approach.
Digital Experience

Bring best-in-class usability and overall design experience with our latest design toolkit.

Digital Insights & Consulting
Deploy advanced analytics to enable your marketing teams to understand the brand, campaign, product, and customer segment performance, in real-time with minimal interventions to running IT systems.

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Accelerating value delivery

Agile transformation, technical consulting, and application development & maintenance for one of the fastest-growing companies in the casino games business.
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Reshaping digital platforms to scale

Building a future-proof architecture with more scalability and flexibility for digital portal of a leading publishing group in the Nordics.
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Building an innovative campaign design system

Creating best-in-class digital signage platform for a leading network provider via powerful plug-and-play LTE media player and a cloud-based content management portal.
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