Although core IT services have helped in automating business processes and improving service efficiency, the needs of the new digital era are changing rapidly. With Big Data and IoT gaining prominence, organizations now want to leverage large amounts of data and are coming up with more advanced, more connected products for a new generation of customers.

However, due to the complex cross-channel customer journey, the customer acquisition cost and churn rate is also increasing. As more and more people get connected with each other, a more personalized and relevant experience is the bare minimum a customer expects.

Employing an effective digital strategy helps in creating new business models and aids in connecting with a real-time and information-rich market place, improving reach and returns.

Nagarro’s digital services can help you beat your competition and increase customer acquisition and engagement. We can formulate a relevant digital strategy by leveraging our capabilities, partnerships, and assets in alignment with your business objectives. Our vast experience in digital transformation includes helping our clients with strategies to acquire and engage users, optimize omni-channel experiences, and innovate with cutting-edge technologies including AR/VR and deep learning.

 Our offerings in this area include:

Digital Channel Build and Optimization
Our digital application build services include custom HTML5 based solutions. Depending on the need, we also leverage top content management systems and e-commerce products across top vendors. We have deep expertise in open-source solutions for minimizing the overall cost of implementation. Our range of services include architecture, design, build, and maintenance.
User Engagement and Personalization

Personalization is one of the most successful marketing trends that can help brands drive maximum user engagement. Customers are ready to experiment with different brands and are looking for a delightful experience at every touchpoint. While they connect with businesses across devices and channels, they expect businesses to remember their preferences and offer them relevant services.


Our digital solutions quickly enable businesses to start delivering personalized services within a few weeks. We also leverage advanced machine learning to continuously optimize touchpoint messaging.

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Customer conversion journeys are getting complex, spanning across multiple digital and offline touchpoints. Our advanced digital analytics and KPI-driven measurement approach helps companies improve the overall ROI by at least 5–10%. Our technology and consulting services enable optimized planning for current and future period. We deploy best-in-class products and provide consulting services to make these products operational in the organization.

Digital Experience
Consistent experience across digital channels has been identified as a top priority in several industry and research reports. Our services enable clients to bring best-in-class usability and overall design experience. Our latest design toolkit enables operationalizing solutions rapidly. Our design experts are spread across multiple geographies and help you leverage agile design processes to increase the success rates of the solutions.
Digital Insights and Consulting

Understanding the customer usage behavior across devices, channels and services helps clients design their products and strategize their services with much more relevance. Insights into real-time marketing and promotions are critical for achieving higher ROI.


We deploy advanced analytics through our network of highly skilled data scientists. Our services allow marketing teams to understand the brand, the campaign, and the product and evaluate the customer segment performance in real time with minimal interventions to running IT systems.