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04 - 05 Oct
Booth #24 | Messe Wien, Vienna
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A look beyond the numbers 

Every digital interaction creates multiple data points. These digital insights are the footprints of customers traversing the virtual world. They capture their likes, dislikes, consumption patterns, demographics, and lifestyles, forming the foundation of successful products, brands, and marketing strategies. 
But with exponential growth in digital interactions, organizations can often get overwhelmed and fail to utilize these insights for real business value. Nagarro combines market research, consumer psychology, and sociocultural anthropology to help you sort, understand and visualize complex consumer behavior. We mine the customers’ digital data for insights so that you deliver what your customers want!

Mining data for digital insights


our offering

Landscape Analysis

Asset 7

Identify customer perceptions about unmet needs, barriers, and access-related topics.
Buyer Personas

Asset 8Get a holistic understanding of customer needs, experiences, behaviors, rituals, and goals.

Customer Experience

Asset 6Data analysis for understanding customer pain points and devising strategies for achieve better conversion rates. 

Customer Journey

Asset 2-1

Uncover customers’ day-to-day activities in broader social, emotional, and peripheral contexts.

Customer intelligence for digital insights



Inclusive Product Experience Analysis

Asset 5 Understand customer experiences from the perspective of ethnic cohorts and regional variation for inclusive product experiences.

Generational Analysis

Asset 4Optimize messaging, product innovation, and communication for customers across different life stages.

Cultural Understanding

Asset 9Discover effective ways to identify customer perceptions and understand cultural and behavioral attitudes.

Visual Analysis Semiotics

Asset 3Deconstruct visual cues to uncover trends, preferences, and opportunities for product communications, development, and brand positioning.

success stories

Enhancing patient experience through digital insights

Enhancing patient experience through digital insights

Nagarro created a holistic patient journey for a global life sciences organization and offered HCP and competitor insights by utilizing the social media listening approach. The client leveraged these insights to build innovative customer experiences for omnichannel optimization.
Mapping customers’ emotional journey for impulse buys

Mapping customers’ emotional journey for impulse buys

A leading global FMCG client wanted to understand consumers' behavior and the factors driving impulse purchases with regard to a specific product. We studied the different stages of the consumer's emotional journey and how product placement drove customer decisions. We then created a full sensory and perception matrix of the target customers that helped the client in drafting a successful product placement innovation and strategy.
Making flying joyful through customer insights

Making flying joyful through customer insights

An aviation company wanted to analyze consumers' conversations to identify hidden barriers, tensions, and drivers within airline travel. Nagarro mapped and analyzed related social media mentions to uncover trends, sentiments, themes, and emerging behaviors. The findings helped the client's product marketing and brand teams devise informed strategies and align offerings to customers' emotional desires and tendencies.
Digital Insight

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