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Every digital interaction creates multiple data points. These digital insights are the footprints of customers traversing the virtual world. They capture their likes, dislikes, consumption patterns, demographics, and lifestyles, forming the foundation of successful products, brands, and marketing strategies. 
But with exponential growth in digital interactions, organizations can often get overwhelmed and fail to utilize these insights for real business value. Nagarro combines market research, consumer psychology, and sociocultural anthropology to help you sort, understand and visualize complex consumer behavior. We mine the customers’ digital data for insights so that you deliver what your customers want!

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Social insights
Use expert consulting services that integrate social listening to optimize online performance and provide influencer mapping solutions, utilizing data from forums, social media platforms, and websites. 
Forecasting capabilities
Data collection
Leverage our own data (Clarista), procure external data sources, and collect internal data through IDIs and online communities. This results in customized deliverables, including engaging presentations and compelling visualizations.

Gen AI-powered asistants

Digital customer experience
Elevate the customer experience by creating (digital) personas and mapping customer journeys, providing a comprehensive insight into customer needs, experiences, behaviors, rituals, and goals while optimizing digital touchpoints for enhanced engagement.

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Brand and product experience
Unlocking a deep understanding through semiotic analysis of symbols and signs can have a profound impact on consumer behavior, brand perception, market positioning, and can provide your business with a distinct competitive edge.
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Demographic analysis
Maximize your messaging and strategy effectiveness across diverse platforms by harnessing the power of cultural and generational analysis to identify emerging trends and target markets.
Computer vision platform
Web analysis
Enhance website usability and design through a combination of SEO analysis and the integration of semiotic perspectives. By harmonizing UX and CX interactions, we optimize usability and provide recommendations for a comprehensive user experience.
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User experience research
Deliver a 360-degree view of UX research and enable the creation of holistic UI solutions that are finely tuned to your specific targets and unique user needs. Our expertise goes beyond the surface, allowing us to gain an in-depth understanding on multiple levels.
Gen AI-enabled infotainment
Generative AI
Optimize efficiency in workflows by utilizing AI enabled services within our existing capabilities. By utilizing AI, we can transform the digital landscape to better understand human experience.
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