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Leverage AI as your digital operating system

Are disparate AI tools and siloed business functions stopping you from realizing the true value of an AI-led enterprise?

Meet Genome AI — an intelligent platform that unifies various AI tools and integrates data from different parts of your business, like marketing, supply chain, and finance for better insights and holistic solutions. With features like Knowledge graphs, LLMs, and Gen AI, the platform can pick up on small data clues and has an easier-to-use interface with natural language.

Executes AI-based hyper-personalization
Measures real-time customer satisfaction and value
Enriches decision-making with explainable AI
Ensures compliance with  strong AI layer

Genome AI capabilities

Genome Al leverages the power of AI and offers an integrated platform that acts as a digital operating system for businesses. It goes beyond just offering a stand-alone analytical tool.

It's a comprehensive orchestrator, seamlessly integrating multiple Al capabilities to unlock actionable insights and drive the next level of growth. It supports tier-one hyperscaler and seamlessly integrates with your existing data infrastructure for maximum flexibility.


Generative intelligence:

Harness your marketing potential with AI-powered promotional strategies crafted by Genome AI's generative intelligence prowess.

Knowledge graphs:

Business-friendly ontologies, blending the data & Al-generated insights in one place. A radical data architecture designed for optimal knowledge retrieval.

Trustworthy transparency:

Advanced Al explainability and safety-focused components that ensure responsible and transparent Al implementation.

Al playbook-driven experiences:

Automates repetitive tasks and workflows with playbook-driven user experiences, freeing your
team to focus on strategic initiatives.


how Genome AI helps you?

Knowledge exploration with Deep 360 knowledge graph 

Problem statement: As a data analyst, I must explore knowledge to discover new patterns and trends and analyze model outcomes.

Solution: Connect data, model outcomes, embed security and generate semantic-friendly content with Genome AI’s Knowledge Graph architecture with the right ontology engineering. 

Illustration showing girl working on laptop for knowledge exploration

CX Personalization, Loyalty 2.0 & AI enabled Next Best Action

Problem statement: “As a Marketing and brand Lead, I want to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences, offer gamified customer engagement experiences and localize content for diverse audiences without diluting the brand tone.”

Solution: Activate AI-driven next-best-action recommendations across marketing, web, mobile and eCommerce with Genome AI. Personalize every interaction to individual preferences, fostering loyalty through intuitive, data-driven decision-making with a customer 360 view.

Illustration showing customer experience

Gen-AI & LLM-based playbooks for demand planning & forecasting

Problem statement: “I’m a Trade Planner, and I want to improve sales based on demand and supply signals to clear inventory on time and minimize promotional costs. 

Solution: Integrate playbooks with AI-generated tactics to manage various trade situations, like managing product ageing, ensuring high order fulfilment and minimizing promotion costs.

Illustration showing LLM-based demand planning

tech behind the scenes

The platform enables engineering patterns for large-scale deep 360 computation. It  accelerates enterprise-grade engineering through: 

success story

Improving inventory and demand planning for a large distribution company 

A large distribution and dealer-led organization used the Genome AI platform to improve customer sales by running simulations across the promotions mix. The advanced demand planning helped the organization improve demand by an additional 15%. Product inventory and sales channel integrated 360 was connected to AI models to drive planning decisions.

A male employee working on a laptop with reports and dashboards on the screen
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