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AI-driven digital experiences

powered by intelligent experience engines 

Engineering hyper-personalized digital experiences with intelligent engines 

Rapidly changing customer demands and growing competition requires brands to deliver deeply personalized, relevant, and seamless customer experience across all digital touchpoints. To stay ahead of ever-evolving customer expectations, they need to offer seamless and hyper-personalized experiences that demand a deep understanding of customers’ profiles, behavior, needs and constant innovation.

But achieving deep personalization at scale is a challenging task. One that traditional content management solutions struggle to accomplish. Enter digital experience platforms- DXPs leverage AI and ML to compose, manage, deliver, and optimize contextualized digital experiences.

our offerings 

Composable digital experience platforms

Nagarro’s DXP engine uses AI to deliver next-gen content creation capabilities. We built our engine on top of DXP solutions like Adobe Experience Platform, Sitecore, and Acquia. It can also be scaled with headless partners.  
  • Leverages Generative AI for data-driven content recommendations
  • Reduced go-to-market time: Eliminate the months-long wait for launching your platform
  • Decreased implementation costs that further decline with the increased platform usage
Nagarro_AI-driven DXP_Composable digital experience platforms

Performance-driven connected marketing

Our CX-driven connected marketing solutions help you design and execute experiences across web, email, mobile, social media, and programmatic channels. They allow you to connect to other platforms like an in-store point of sale, signage, kiosk, IoT devices, and other devices. We can integrate them with customer data platforms and CRMs to create a customer 360 view. And build customer journeys using underlying datasets to drive personalized and targeted marketing. Our solutions leverage AI to drive campaign planning and optimize expenses using marketing mix models.

Nagarro_DXP_Performance-driven connected marketing

Genome - AI-driven digital experience

Nagarro’s Genome Intelligence Engine helps you deliver relevant, engaging, and hyper-personalized experiences by analyzing customer attributes such as demographics and location at a granular level.

  • Experience-focused data exploration
  • Innovation and new engagement strategies
  • Assessment of engagement impact on customer satisfaction, revenue, and customer churn
  • Tracking digital experience opportunities and challenges proactively
Digital experience platforms - Nagarro Genome - AI driven customer experience

Loyalty transformation – emotional & intelligent engagement

Our framework helps you build loyalty programs that extend beyond transactions and build a brand with strong customer engagement. It considers data from sales, experience, and marketing channels to create an effective loyalty program. 

  • Create value-added services, personalized experiences, and meaningful interactions that go beyond just earning and redeeming points
  • Built on Metaverse and Web 3.0, the framework helps create exclusive and desirable token-based programs.
  •  The framework helps create stories for meaningful experiences resonating with customers on an emotional level. 

Experience-led design transformation 

We unify design, technology, and data into a singular, fluid, and uninterrupted process through a well-crafted UX procedure. Our solutions foster a distinctive connection between UX and business transformation, steering impactful changes that align with both user needs and business objectives. We follow a lean, iterative methodology, prioritizing speed and quality. 

  • Create unique product designs backed by user data from wireframing to high-fidelity prototypes
  • Create brand identities that resonate with the brand values and messaging
  • Design and develop strong design systems to guide all branding activities
Design-led transformations-1

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