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27 - 28 Jan
10:30 - 17:30 EDT
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By Suresh Sunderrajan, Venkat Srinivasan
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Make decision-making a science

Enable intelligence decision-making with AI.

Human beings make more than 35,000 decisions a day. Only a fraction of these is optimal. Faced with dynamic market conditions and complex scenarios, an organization has to deal with multiple variables and make optimal, error-free decisions. AI algorithms work efficiently, in almost real-time, to consider all constraints and recommend the most promising alternative.

Nagarro's AI-enabled platforms for decision intelligence

At Nagarro, we offer AI-enabled platforms that provide decision intelligence. These platforms help customers improve precision and quality, navigate complexity, and maximize ROI.

our platforms

Supply Chain
Forecast demand, optimize inventory management and operations to reduce costs, and improve service levels.
Ensure effective container packaging and optimize transportation routes including last-mile delivery to become more efficient.
Sales and Marketing
Prioritize sales leads and optimally use marketing budgets to become more efficient in sales and marketing.
Customer Analytics
Know your customer better with 360 analysis, clickstream, and purchase behavior, to improve growth.

Our AI solutions can make your decision-making quick and error-free


How does it work?


featured success stories

Optimize marketing budgets using AI (and ML)

A decision intelligence solution to build an AI-driven marketing mix model.
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Building a Smarter Factory with AI and SAP re-engineering

Redesigning SAP processes and building a Swarm Intelligence-based job scheduling solution
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Supply chain network optimization with decision intelligence

An AI-based solution to optimize supply chain network for better service levels, meeting customer demands and reducing costs.
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Anurag Sahay
AI and Big Data - Global Head
Aanish Singla
Aanish Singla
Decision Science - Practice Head
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Make decision-making a science