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Bridging the digital abyss 

Uncover the true potential of Gen AI through your LLM apps and enterprise data

Introducing Nagarro's Intelligent Assistant (NIA), a Gen AI-powered centralized system that specializes in knowledge retrieval. NIA allows enterprises to easily onboard and centrally manage several LLM applications, and combine them with centralized enterprise data to leverage the power of Gen AI. It empowers enterprises with automated data retrieval and helps them define a framework that maps LLMs to the best-suited tasks.  

It allows on-the-fly data creation and helps ensure data privacy and security. With its user-friendly interface, NIA simplifies AI model selection, prompt optimization, and bot configuration and provides functionalities and resources for integrating with third-party tools or services like external databases, search utilities, API-based functions, and web searches. 

platform benefits

use cases for the enterprise

IT Support Knowledge Assistant_ (1)

Customer support ticket resolution

Equip customer agents to analyze, prioritize, and suggest resolutions for incoming customer support tickets, optimizing response times and improving customer satisfaction.

Sales and Marketing

Onboarding and training assistance

Personalize and streamline the training and onboarding experience, helping new employees search through company processes, policies, and relevant training modules.

Mining insights from large unstructured documents_

Financial data query assistance

 Query and extract specific information from financial reports and other kinds of tabular documents.

procurement and inventory

Product information retrieval system

Efficiently fetch product features, specifications, pricing details, structural information, and relevant marketing materials for sales and marketing.

Financial Data Reporting

Documentation search assistance

Navigate and extract relevant content from complex user manuals and technical documentation, ensuring users find the required information with precision and speed.

featured success story

Enabling efficient investment decision-making

A leading financial services company wanted to expedite its review process and enhance investment-related decision-making. Nagarro utilized NIA to extract important data from investment documents, enabling faster and more efficient document analysis and better investment decisioning. 

Success story
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