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07 - 08 Mar
Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport
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By Kanchan Ray, Dr. Sudipta Seal
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Real-time data engineering

Building high performance solutions for enterprises

KX Platform is a framework that allows you to design, build and deploy high-performance, enterprise-grade, data-capture systems. Built on top of kdb+ (Knowledge Database) , the world's fastest database for vector native, time series and real-time analytics, KX Platform allows you to capture, store, and analyse real-time and historical data. 

As a strategic KX partner, Nagarro can help you build systems using KX Platform that can turbo-charge AI and ML tools in the cloud, data warehouses and data lakes for faster and more efficient business decision making. Our SMEs can help you to leverage KX Platform massive data handling capabilities, giving you an edge in the world of real-time analytics. Our team of data engineers, data scientists, and experts understand the industry and strive to break down the most complex data problems into creative, simplified, data-driven solutions thus adding one more chapter in your success story. 

what you can achieve

Harness the power of KX's product suite, driving modern data solutions with ease
Empower your business with customized AIML and data solutions, tailored to your specific needs
Accelerate your digital transformation and data modernization journey with KX's cutting-edge tech
Leverage best-in-class analytics products and solutions, maximizing value from KX's product suite

our capabilities

Group 50
Data analytics and insights 

Data lakehouse (2)-1

Real-Time Data Streaming and Processing
Group 57
Time-Series Data Management 
Custom Solutions and Consulting

industry expertise


- Customer, Network & RAN Analytics
- Monitoring & Service Assurance
- Log analysis & ML
- Very big data (10 to 100s of TBs per day

Smart Digital Factory

- Production optimization & visibility
- Asset health monitoring
- Real-time decisioning & alerting
- Sensor data historian

Govt. & Smart cities

- Smart Transport Monitoring/Management
- Video Surveillance and Security
- Energy Optimization – e.g., Smart Lighting
- Water Level/Flood Monitoring


- Wind Tunnel Engineering
- Telemetry – 5G embedded devices
- Connected Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles
- R&D Performance Analytics

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