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06 Dec
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By Kanchan Ray, Dr. Sudipta Seal
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Deliver omnichannel communications for intelligent CX

Organizations are rethinking their customer engagement to ensure long-term stickiness. They want to shift from transactional to more interactive communication, developing value-centric relationships over the customer's lifetime value. The focus now is on the interactions after customer acquisition, like – quotes, customer onboarding, contracts, welcome kits, bills, statements, upsell/cross-sell communications, etc.

Having partnered with 60+ customers in 20+ years, we at Nagarro understand that a business has an opportunity to delight customers at every interaction - in real-time and through their channels of choice.

Nagarro helps organizations harness the power of cloud, automation, mobility, and analytics by designing tailored omnichannel CCM (Customer Communications Management) solutions - to meet diverse communication needs in a compliant manner.

what we do

•    CCM platform selection and evaluation
•    CCM maturity assessment
•    Multi-channel content design
•    CCM architecture consulting
•    Business case and Rol study.


•    Configuration
•    Template and document development
•    Quality assurance
•    Integrations - Core systems, ERP, CRM
•    Output management
•    Automation
•    Project management.

Managed Services

•    24x7 Application support
•    End-user training
•    Upgrades
•    Legacy migration
•    Platform consolidation
•    Hosting - On-prem/Cloud.

CX and beyond

•    CRM and digital experience platforms
•    Omnichannel UX and design
•    Customer journey intelligence
•    Rich mobile & web apps development
•    API and microservices
•    Data engineering
•    AR/VR solutions.

our platform expertise

Quadient Inspire

Success stories

Modernizing insurance correspondence

A leading US-based not-for-profit health insurer partnered with us to implement Inspire as their CCM platform. We successfully upgraded the legacy document platform, saving the client around USD 1 million over the traditional consulting approach. 
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Migrating legacy documents to Quadient Inspire

Migrating legacy customer communications

A leading US-based life insurance group partnered with us to migrate their legacy CCM (OpenText xPression) to  Quadient Inspire. We designed and delivered a brand-new interactive communication experience, enabling faster time to market.
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Migrating legacy customer communications_Nagarro

Upgrading CCM platform

We upgraded the OpenText xPression CCM platform from v4.1 to v4.7 - for a leading US-based mutual life insurer. The project had many challenges, including several regression bugs. However, we delivered 280,000 proofed pages across 80 categories.

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Upgrading CCM platform
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our platform expertise

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