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Fast quality in complex innovations

Build complex intelligent digital applications with a sharp focus on quality

Gartner predicts that 75% of enterprises will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI by the end of 2024. A Cisco reports suggests by 2023, there will be more than three times more networked devices on Earth than humans. The need for digital transformation has catapulted businesses today into embracing a strong wave of emerging technologies and with that focusing on Quality Assurance to build complex and intelligent digital applications.

Trust our Nagarro experts for a curated quality assurance strategy, proven approach in designing quality engineering and continuous research in emerging technologies. Our extensive domain experience and certifications have helped businesses seamlessly transform with these emerging technologies ensuring quality.

We help build robust emerging technology solutions across multiple domains

Automating assessments of vehicle refurbishment cost

A leading Asian car manufacturer was facing challenges in examining the car’s refurbishment costs that depended on dents and scratches using a non-standardized process. Our solution automated defect identification with an accuracy of more than 90%, resulting in optimized assessment time and increased efficiency.
Automating assessments of vehicle refurbishment cost

Audience engagement analytics using AI on edge

A leading network provider in the US was looking for ways to engage the viewers by providing relevant content based on real-time audience profiling at various digital signage platforms installed at stadiums for advertisement. We developed a machine vision-based solution to classify crowds based on various attributes like age, gender, race, etc.
Audience engagement analytics using AI on edge

A robust and secure home automation solution

For our client, a leading European utility company that fostered a vision of bringing an easy-to-use smart home solution to its customers, Nagarro was tasked with developing and testing key components of the platform, such as the gateway, the backend, and the UI. Moreover, we were entrusted with the solution and software architecture of the platform. Over 14 years, we have been a steady and reliable technology partner and helped evolve the vision into developing an innovative, secure, and robust Home Automation Platform, keeping quality at the center.
A robust and secure home automation solution

Modernizing cities with sustainable mobility

Upstream Mobility and Nagarro joined forces to build an indoor navigation solution for travelers in public spaces and set out to ensure safe and sustainable mobility for everyone. Together, we built a solution that promotes freedom of movement and security in public spaces and ensures safe and sustainable mobility for the visually impaired who have no access to the usual visual navigation aids. The solution has been awarded at the eAward 2021 and recognized for how it brings about real inclusivity among communities.
Modernizing cities with sustainable mobility

Our offerings

Edge Computing Testing
Our unique IoT testing approach covers every aspect of IoT application (such as firmware, protocols, interoperability, performance, compatibility, device, security, simulators, and complete IoT lab setup) at all levels of IoT application.
Immersive Technology Testing
Our quality-driven DICE & THROW approach overcomes these challenges and makes the applications more accessible, robust, and usable.
Chatbot Testing
Our ready-to-use test solutions & comprehensive language tests are ideal for end-to-end chatbot testing, including functional, personality & onboarding, context remembrance, security, NLP, API performance & test automation.
AI/ML Testing
We help build AI applications responsibly by validating the accuracy, reliability, & transparency of any AI application.
Big Data Testing
Our 5V test approach, driven by scientific methodology, facilitates testing for any Value, Veracity, Variety, Volume & Velocity of data with utmost accuracy & helps achieve superior data quality.
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