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Low code

Accelerating your digital transformation

Low-code reduces development time by 50-75%, and increases speed-to-market. Know more!

Nagarro collaborated with NASSCOM to assess the state of LCNC (Low Code No Code). During the research, 60 LCNC providers, adopters and implementers have revealed insights that can help businesses decide how to pursue this opportunity.  

The key drivers of LCNC technology are:

  • The need for rapid digital transformation (reducing time to development & market)
  • Addressing integration hurdles with legacy technology (reducing the need for coding/development talent, increasing collaboration with business users)
  • Bridging the talent gap (delivering apps across platforms, responding to abrupt market changes)
  • Omnichannel layer for end users (enabling consistency in outcome through ubiquitous network access to users - no matter device or cloud type)
  • Reusability (increasing productivity & aiding scalability through reuse, automation of operations processes). 

Benefits of LCNC realized by adopters

0X - 0X

3X - 7X

The reduction in development and deployment time

0X - 0X

3X - 5X

The reduction in the cost of development

0X - 0X

1.2X - 1.5X

Increased productivity

0% - 0%

30% - 35%

Increase in ROI

BFSI, healthcare & hi-tech are the leading adopters globally, with manufacturing being an emerging adopter driven by industrial automation. In India, LCNC adoption is growing broadly across large enterprises (BFSI, retail, SaaS).

Most LCNC providers foresee more demand for solutions in data collection/process dominant/UI/UX driven segments. Digital-first enterprises will continue to drive adoption. Form/data collection, workflow & process automation are the common use cases now.

Top applications of low code

Global LCNC market size


$11.3 Bn


$13.8 Bn

2025 (E)

$37.2 Bn

At $13.8 Bn in 2021, the global low code development industry expects to grow at a CAGR of 28.1% from 2021-2025.


Sachin Vijan
Sachin Vijan
Neha Jain
Neha Jain

Success story

Digitalizing the visual inspection process for PALFINGER to move away from labor-intensive and error-prone methods.

PALFINGER chose Nagarro as the strategic partner to ideate, assess, and implement the low code imperative over the Simplifier platform.


Digitalizing the visual inspection process for PALFINGER
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