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Express Delivery: MVP for last mile connectivity in 7 days

6/15/2017, written by Vikas Burman

Categories: Mobile App, Application Development, Last Mile Connectivity, cashless transactions

1 idea, 2 databases, 3 technologies, 4 personas, 5 integrations, 6 screens, 8 workflows, and 9+ APIs  all delivered in 7 days. This was no ordinary project – it was a long-standing...

Shoot ‘em up… 1… 2… and 3

1/6/2017, written by Vikas Burman

Categories: Troubleshooting

Space Invaders - A vertical rectangular video game that is a digital representation of a battle between aliens. Not everyone might have played this, but it is understandable from the...

127 ft. deep with Globalization

12/13/2016, written by Vikas Burman

Categories: Globalization, Localization, Internationalization

Despite the spread of English through economic globalization, not all users of software speak English. Even though English is largely a second language throughout the world, neither all...

The web is going offline

10/10/2016, written by Vikas Burman

Categories: Service Worker, Offline First, Progressive Web App

After redesigning enterprise application screens according to the “Mobile First” design pattern, it is now time for a new paradigm - Offline first.

How to choose the right JavaScript framework?

9/15/2016, written by Vikas Burman

Categories: JavaScript, Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks may not be the first thing that come to our mind when we think about developing the next web project. There are hundreds of functional things that we can devote our...




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