Yammer vs SharePoint Social: The right tool for you

9/30/2016, written by Sunny Rajpal

Categories: Enterprise networking, SharePoint, Yammer

Social collaboration has become an important need for enterprises. Most companies search for the best social networking tools to improve employee engagement, enhance collaboration and to...

How to choose the right JavaScript framework?

9/15/2016, written by Vikas Burman

Categories: JavaScript, Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks may not be the first thing that come to our mind when we think about developing the next web project. There are hundreds of functional things that we can devote our...

Salesforce & Nagarro: Being future-ready for our customers

9/11/2016, written by Viyom Jain

Categories: Salesforce

Salesforce and Nagarro have been together for the past 4 years and this partnership stems from the shared qualities of innovation, trust, and agility. The relationship has been a...

Orchestrating Microservices on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

9/8/2016, written by Vivek Agrawal

Categories: Containers, Lambda, Microservices, Cloud, AWS, Dockers

There is no doubt that Microservice architecture can help in efficient scaling and utilization of resources, and aligning your services with business domains. However, deploying and...

Does my business need a Chatbot?

9/7/2016, written by Vaibhav Gadodia

Categories: Chatbot, Conversational UI, User Interface

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about Chatbots – applications that make use of a conversational user interface instead of a graphical interface that has been the norm in the past...

What is the hallmark of process maturity?

9/6/2016, written by Ashok Thomas

Categories: Process Maturity, Process Institutionalization, Compliance

Spurred on by demands for certifications placed upon them by their sales teams, many organizations embark on "process improvement" journeys, creating processes that are well decorated...

Being an enabler of Enterprise Agility

9/5/2016, written by Richard Wheatley

Categories: Enterprise Agile

Several organizations have adopted agile, such that today an agile approach is ubiquitous. Since the Agile Manifesto was published in February 2001, agile software development practices...

Nagarro and Pixar: An unexpected commonality

9/1/2016, written by Manas Fuloria

Categories: Project governance

I have been reading “Creativity Inc.” by Pixar’s President Ed Catmull. Chapter 5 just blew me away.




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