Nagarro opens Connected Enterprise Demo Lab in Austria

Vienna, Austria, October 24, 2019: Nagarro has opened a Connected Enterprise Demo Lab at its Vienna office. The lab is meant to be an innovative space to implement several use cases on the latest technologies. Nagarro’s team has already converted almost ten of the most important digital technology concepts (including Assisted Reality, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance, and IoT) from real-life environment to vivid demos.

The prototypes of these applications were developed at Nagarro's international R&D competence center and are also available for customers at the Connected Enterprise Lab in Vienna. With the new format, Nagarro emphasizes its pragmatic approach towards bringing the widely-discussed theory of digital transformation to life.


“At Nagarro, we firmly believe that in a world where natural boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, continuous information flows are the key to success. And successful digital transformation does not stop at departmental boundaries. The Connected Enterprise, thus, stands as the overarching concept for the modern company of the future, which uses digital technologies on an interdisciplinary and consistent basis to ensure sustainable business success,” said Damianos Soumelidis, Managing Director, Nagarro Austria.

The demo lab operation kicked-off successfully with companies such as Gourmet, Bene, and Siemens to be among its first guests. The demo use cases are selected to suit the interests and domain of the visitor. A few common scenarios include production, logistics, purchasing, and maintenance processes.

"In the Demo Lab, we show applications that work, which have already been developed internationally and are therefore, a concrete starting point. This helps many companies to better envision their own scenario," explains Paul Haberfellner, Managing Director, Nagarro Austria.


In addition to the software solutions, wearables, drones, and various sensors can be used. All applications can be implemented on the cloud platforms of AWS, Google, and Microsoft. “The shown technology concepts are not only interesting for CIOs and IT experts alone. We need to take all possible decision-makers and business units with us in the digitization process. This is why the demos are very descriptive, such as Smart Factory or Smart Warehouse", says Vikas Gandhi, Global Practice Data & AI, Nagarro.

Many clients have visited the Connected Enterprise Demo Lab for exclusive demonstrations and innovative use cases which include the HoloLens, Cookie Factory, Pick & Stock, and more.

Read more about the Connected Enterprise Scenarios in our brochure.

About Connected Enterprise Demo Lab

The Connected Enterprise Demo Lab has eight demo scenarios, offering discussions through concrete use-cases and showcasing Nagarro's innovation power to potential clients. The demo lab brings focus on ten most important digital technology concepts, which include Blockchain, Machine Learning, Assisted Reality, Internet of Things, Predictive Maintenance, and more. 

About Nagarro

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