Nagarro leads the creation of a city-wide commuting database to tackle traffic woes

Nagarro has teamed up with Snapdeal and Incendo to develop an Anonymized City Commuting Database that will help transport providers plan their routes better. The same was announced at a press conference held at Nagarro’s Mozart building on 17th November, 2015 by the Gurgaon Commissioner of Police, Mr. Navdeep Virk. He was accompanied by Mr. Manas Fuloria from Nagarro, Saurabh Nigam from Snapdeal, Amit Sarin from Incedo, Deepanshu Malviya from Shuttl and representatives from Meribus, Orient, O Rahi, Sapient, Embarq and NASSCOM. Addressing the press, Mr. Fuloria drew attention to the fact that almost every person in Delhi has a car and that it is futile to build roads and flyovers to accommodate all of them. He stressed on the need for companies to work together for a transport solution that is sustainable.

The commuting database will allow companies in Gurgaon to cooperate in the area of employee transport, leading to a smaller traffic footprint and reduced pollution.