Nagarro launches Converse@Nagarro, an interactive talk series initiative

Gurugram, Haryana, August 1, 2019: Nagarro recently launched a talk series called Converse@Nagarro at its Gurugram office. The first Chapter of this series was on the theme ‘Making Cities Safer by Design’.

The event comprised of insightful sessions by global road safety experts and government officials, including Ms. Claudia Adriazola-Steil (Deputy Director, Urban Mobility and Director, Health & Road Safety, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, Washington), Mr. Amit Khatri (IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Gurugram), and Mr. Himanshu Garg (IPS, DCP East and Traffic, Gurugram). The speakers also interacted with the participants and sensitized them about road safety at large.

What is Converse@Nagarro?

Converse@Nagarro is an interactive talk series initiated by Nagarro. The series brings together leaders and expert speakers from diverse backgrounds such as politics, public agencies, private sectors, and civil society to share their insights and experiences.

At the launch of Converse@Nagarro, Dr. Manas Fuloria, CEO, Nagarro, spoke about the importance of road safety for all. “With the increasing urbanization and creation of elaborate road infrastructure in our cities, road safety in India has become a critical issue. Unfortunately, our roads in India are made keeping in mind car transportation, which results in no support infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. We need to work together to highlight this issue, and I am happy to say that, in Haryana, we have been able to create traction towards road safety. We strongly believe mass transportation is the only answer to the problems of traffic jam, air pollution, and road safety,” he said.

Ms. Claudia Adriazola-Steil delivered the keynote address with several global insights on the importance of road safety. She also stressed on the importance of accountability and said, "Accountability is key in ensuring road safety. The whole system has to be responsible instead of a single person, right from designing of roads to the safety audit. We have to ensure that we communicate the importance of designing road infrastructure to engineers both from traffic congestion as well as road safety purposes.”

Mr. Amit Khatri, one of the guest speakers, shared his ideas about the use of technology as a means to discourage any violation of traffic rules. He also acknowledged Nagarro’s role in promoting road safety. “We thank Nagarro and team for highlighting this issue. Without joint efforts, we will not be able to achieve our objective of Haryana Vision Zero. We are planning to launch an integrated command center in Gurugram, which will be connected to CCTV cameras and will enable automated challaning. It will ensure the certainty of law and enforcement. We would love to collaborate and take any suggestions to make Vision Zero a success,” he said.

Mr. Himanshu Garg had a candid chat about how traffic police is being sensitized towards attaining maximum road safety. Informing about the paradigm shift in the way traffic police also handles road safety cases now, he said, “We have leveraged tech to ensure 100% challaning through e-challaning machines. We consider challaning as a means to an end. Which is why, we have started focusing on certain offences that are critical to road safety such as red light jumping, underage driving, drunken driving, etc. With these measures, we have observed that enforcement levels have started improving. It is also critical to include road safety at the designing stage of road infrastructure. Our policy decisions also should be in consonance with road hierarchy with the utmost importance being given to pedestrians.”

About Nagarro

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