Nagarro helps leading German insurance company offer business services faster

R+V Versicherung Helps Agents Provide Top Customer Service and Address Security and Compliance Needs Using CA API Gateway, Delivered by Nagarro

Darmstadt, January 4, 2016 — R+V Versicherung AG, one of Germany’s leading insurance companies, has implemented CA API Management technology to deliver new business services faster, help address compliance needs and enable agents to provide improved customer service. The gateway implementation was done by CA Technologies partner Nagarro, a specialist provider of software development and management services.

With eight million customers, R+V Versicherung needed to help its agents create service offerings and quotations specifically matched for a particular customer needs. By selecting CA API Gateway from CA’s API Management portfolio, R+V Versicherung was able to implement a secure central access point to its corporate data which allowed agents to quickly and easily have information to develop more personalized quotations and send them to prospects.

“We are now able to offer additional B2B services within a few hours, which before took several days or even weeks,” said Dirk Thierling, IT sales customer manager, R+V Versicherung. “This not only ensures a much better service for our clients, but we can also keep pace in this highly competitive market. Since speed and security is of the essence, we wanted to install CA API Gateway as quickly as possible. We were pleasantly surprised that the implementation, done by CA partner Nagarro, took only two months. Moreover we could benefit from Nagarro’s experience in the relevant insurance specific standards (BiPRO/TGIC) and their deep know-how on web service security and API design.”

“R+V Versicherung is one of the most renowned insurance companies in Germany. With our CA API Gateway, they are not only fulfilling their compliance regulations, but can also deliver offers much more quickly than before, thereby optimizing their customer service,” said Sven Mulder, Vice President, Area Sales and Country Manager Germany. “The insurance agent’s job has now become easier, while also paying attention to the need to protect customers’ data.”

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