Hexa becomes Nagarro Austria

Clear growth targets based on international structures.

Effective immediately, Hexa Business Services, one of Austria’s first vendor-independent cloud consulting firms, will change its name. Hexa will be acting as the Austrian subsidiary of Nagarro. With an enhanced service portfolio, offshoring and domain capabilities, Nagarro GmbH aims to achieve a 25 percent revenue growth for 2015.

Vienna, January 7, 2015. As an investor on board at Hexa since Q1 2014, Nagarro will also be the new official company name of Hexa Business Services GmbH. The management trio, Damianos Soumelidis, Paul Haberfellner and Thomas Riedl will continue to be responsible for the development of the IT services company. This year’s target is to grow revenues 25 percent to 7.5 million Euro.

This will be accomplished thanks to the company’s new capacities: about 2500 employees are employed at Nagarro in numerous locations worldwide, such as India, Rumania, Scandinavia and the USA. In addition to highly specialized industry know-how, Nagarro can offer highly demanded software development capabilities: ”No matter if it is in regards to availability or pricing, when it comes to software development, Europe can simply not compete anymore.” says Damianos Soumelidis.

Team collaboration has always been deeply rooted in Nagarro’s corporate DNA and is part of its business idea, ever since the company was founded in 1996. Training centers, internal collaboration platforms and language courses for employees are part of the program. The hybrid Nagarro business model sees the local focus on consulting and orchestrating in the areas of strategy and solution design. “The Austrian team is very well positioned in the high-end areas. Its local market and strategic know-how distinguishes the Nagarro subsidiary,” says Manas Fuloria, founder and board member of Nagarro.

Further Austrian expansions are planned, including offices in several provinces as well as the service portfolio exchange with other branches. This year Nagarro especially wants to push areas such as cloud and process consulting as well as software development.