From the Cloud fresh onto your plate

GOURMET focuses on Nagarro's Cloud Competence.

The most important factor in the culinary arts is that the food has to be delicious. And if you, like GOURMET, cook for around 2500 companies, you also need sophisticated logistics and IT systems. With Nagarro’s help, GOURMET migrated the order management system for this extensive "service à la click" into the cloud.

The employees at two large kitchen locations in Vienna and St. Pölten 1500 GOURMET are hard at work. The domestic market leader in menu, catering and gastronomic services has been cooking for schools, kindergartens, senior citizens and events since 1975. For their business menu service and the business restaurants on site, GOURMET has a complex information and order management system in place. Approximately 40000 orders are processed and managed by the system every day – food orders of corporate clients, restaurant turnover from staff and the companies‘ guests, meal plans, allergen information and support models are all handled by this system.

40000 food orders in 3 hours

The system infrastructure and hosting were quite costly but since this was an indispensable business application GOURMET wanted to make sure that they could think of new modes of operation together with Nagarro’s cloud and software experts and iWeb. “In fact, we had a monolithic system in place, that was fully utilized 25 percent and that was oversized 75 percent of the time” summarizes GOURMET Managing Director Mag. Johann Pinterits, who is responsible for the IT, Finance and Human Resources departments of the company. Most food orders come during the morning hours between 7am and 11am. Then, thousands of employees choose their lunch online on their computers or special order terminals.

For Damianos Soumelidis, responsible for the Cloud Center of Excellence in the Nagarro Group, GOURMET was a clear case for taking advantage of cloud services. "You are flexible, safe and secure with large cloud providers. Customers can adapt their resources to their needs at any time, which saves them a lot of time and effort" says Soumelidis.


Piloted, deemed good and migrated gradually

First, an extensive feasibility study was carried out. All risks of system failures had to be eliminated. That exercise was successful. The migration to Microsoft Azure was carried out in waves of 50 to 200 connected plants per week. After about three months, the uninterrupted migration of the system to the cloud was completed. Nagarro experts found a trick for optimizing the utilization peaks. Through timed switching between smaller and bigger cloud instances, the infrastructure costs were matched with the volatile demand. "Alternatively, the software could have been rewritten, but our solution is less complex for our client and leads to the same result," explains the Nagarro Cloud expert.

The changeover also involved decoupling the non-time-critical billing system from servers which needed high performance for real-time operations, as GOURMET IT manager Thomas Klein explained. He also doesn’t mourn the hardware migrations. With key requirements such as failure protection, easy adaptation to new performance requirements and round-the-clock operations, GOURMET Managing Director Pinterits highlighted further improvements with the new cloud solution. "It is already a relief that we do not have to worry about the hardware lifecycle anymore. The same applies to computer performance, which can now continuously grow with us."


As Austria’s market leader in menu, catering and gastronomic services, GOURMET has devoted itself entirely to the subject of food and enjoyment. At the same time, GOURMET offers reliability and safety – from the traceability of every ingredient to internationally recognized certifications, to the perfect food delivery. The GOURMET team cooks for kindergartens, schools, businesses, senior citizens' facilities, food on wheels, the retail trade, as well as for guests at events, and conducts top gastronomy operations. As an Austrian company, GOURMET puts special emphasis on high-quality Austrian ingredients, regionality and seasonality, sustainability and family-friendliness. GOURMET is a subsidiary of VIVATIS Holding AG.

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