blitzzcar GmbH bets on Nagarro as their technology partner

Mobility, sustainability and fast technology services

Since 2014, the Austrian start-up blitzzcar has been providing sustainable mobility solutions: encouraging consumers to use car services instead of owning vehicles. The founder, Peter Ungvari has now announced the next step in the development of his company's services. Together with the IT service provider Nagarro, Ungvari now plans to extend his Tesla Model S all-inclusive offer with innovative technology components that provide customers with more comfort, personalization and safety.

Vienna, October 8th 2015 - Effective immediately, blitzzcar in cooperation with Nagarro, starts its journey to bring a new comprehensive IT concept to their services, ensuring the start-up's continuous upward growth. "So far we have acquired 10 Tesla Model S vehicles with the help of our investors. However, as a service oriented company we are keen on cooperating with professional IT partners." states Peter Ungvari, CEO of blitzzcar.

The development of customer registration platforms, booking and payment systems form the first part of this implementation. blitzzcar provides services to deliver and pick-up vehicles at the customer’s doorstep as and when they request it. These systems allow the company to adjust drivers’ job management for seamless communication and coordination and to facilitate settlements. As the company grows in the next few years, the system needs to grow along with it. According to Damianos Soumelidis, Managing Director of Nagarro Austria, “Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of the new cloud and as-a-service solutions. For companies such as blitzzcar, which are bound to grow, progress can be realized almost without risk.”

Next-Gen Features for Next-Gen Automobiles

Together with the manufacturer Tesla Motors, blitzzcar and Nagarro want to implement a best practice for interaction between mobility and IT services. The implementation of a new, mobile world of experience is already underway.

The blitzzcar app is an important component of this interaction. Currently, Tesla car owners can access many features through a Tesla Model S app. However, this app is not suitable from a privacy and security standpoint for blitzzcar customers. Accessed via smartphone, the new app provides an exclusively personal experience that includes customer-friendly services such as keyless unlocking, preheating and climate control, or push notifications once the car is fully recharged.

"blitzzcar is an innovative start-up from Austria. Hexa (now Nagarro Austria) started the same way five years ago and now with Nagarro we are part of an international organization. Such challenges excite us, because they show that vision and technology can result in successful business concepts", says Damianos Soumelidis, Managing Director of Nagarro Austria.

About blitzzcar

blitzzcar GmbH is an Austrian company founded by Peter Ungvari in 2014 that combines sustainable mobility with a high level of service. Till date, customers throughout the European Union Schengen area have travelled over 350,000 fleet kilometers on 10 Tesla Model S vehicles with blitzzcar.