100 percent Cloud: Nagarro and conwert make cloud visions a reality

Vienna, 09 July 2015 – Conwert Immobilien Group appointed cloud and management services specialist Nagarro with the migration of the company’s IT to the cloud. It seems a suitable task, since Gutmeier has already migrated the ERP-system as well as the planning and reporting application to the cloud for over 300 legal entities already. In cooperation with Nagarro Hannes Gutmeier, Head of corporate IT, will be transferring all remaining services and infrastructure to the cloud by the end of 2016.What was considered a futuristic vision merely two years ago, has thus become a business reality: A company with around 500 employees, listed in the ATX, is currently migrating all of its IT – including email, mobile device management and in-house business applications – to the cloud.

While the decision on email services for Microsoft Offices 365 has already been made, Nagarro is currently performing a feasibility analysis for the IaaS migration. “During this essential evaluation phase we take a close look at business needs, single components and commercial and technical criteria. Furthermore we evaluate the suitability of potential cloud service providers. This process then usually results in further optimization ideas”, explains Paul Haberfellner of Nagarro Austria in regards to the procedure. The step-by-step migration will start in approximately two weeks. The goal is to smoothly transfer Austrian and German users’ email services, as well as migrating Conwert’s entire local data centre including its applications that reside today on 60 virtualized servers into the cloud.

“The only platform we will be running ourselves is our PBX. All other systems are being operated by providers who were carefully chosen in cooperation with Nagarro. All parts that are outsourced “traditionally” will stay for the time being at our current outsourcing partner.” Says Hannes Gutmeier regarding the interplay between cloud and classic outsourcing. In order to avoid uncertainties the software and cloud specialist Nagarro not only assesses quality standards and certifications of all platforms, but also evaluates the software compatibility standards. Through the new concept the aim is to increase Conwert’s IT team agility in order to free up more time for management and planning. In addition to an increase in flexibility, agility and safety, the Conwert IT team’s commercial benefit also increases by approximately 15 percent. This increase is accomplished through savings on operational costs for data centre and maintenance regarding backup, storage and server management and so forth.

About Conwert

Conwert Immobilien Group is one of the biggest service and development companies of residential real estate in Germany and Austria. It manages over 55,000 units from approximately 35 locations, where most of its investments are made in high-quality inner city residential properties that show potential for further development. Conwert’s core business includes portfolio management, the development and sale of real estate and the real estate service sector.