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Be there at every step of the journey

Omnitiq enables public and private mobility operators to deliver a first-class travel experience by providing trip planning, reservation, and ticketing services for multi-modal transportation.

Omnitiq offers a single platform to provide customers with one price, journey, payment, and ticket.

One solution, solving many needs.


First and last-mile capabilities by combining local transit with intercity travel services


Extra services offered via eCommerce capabilities: ancillaries, accommodation at destination, car/bike renting


Extension of existing legacy reservation and ticketing systems with other forms of travel



Mobility providers' timetable hosting with real-time operating status and capabilities.



Internal journey planner solution or integrated with existing Journey Planner Systems


Unified payment and single electronic document for the entire fare

How it works – journey booking


For end user


For operational user


Discover Omnitiq's functionality

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“It is always a challenge to provide something new to users when you have to modify multiple systems to launch a new service or product. The main goal of starting to work with Omnitiq was to rely upon the standard features of a platform for most of our needs and add specialized features how we want – processes, pricing, after sales, etc. We wanted a way to focus on specific business requirements while avoiding major development efforts for standard distribution functionality.”
Dr. Hubert Kreutzmann

Principal Consultant, Omnichannel Ticketing, DB Systel GmbH

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The benefits of Omnitiq



Provides a door-to-door



Enables a
consolidated customer experience



Accelerates your


Reduces sales
transaction time



Optimizes revenue
and maximizes utilization



Reduces your
administration burden

Success stories

DB Vertrieb

Using the integrated mobility platform as the back-end technology, Nagarro and DB Systel created an award-wining Check-in/Be-out solution, that allows customers to enter a public transit system with a valid ticket and just travel. The solution recognizes that the customer has entered and exited the system, thereby billing them monthly through an automatic process. The best prices are automatically calculated for the customer, either on a trip-by-trip or monthly basis. Omnitiq provides the platform for customer management/customer care, payment, and billing.

Integrated mobility platform use cases

Deutsche Bahn Connect

For Bonvoyo, a DB Connect application was used to access public transportation data, Omnitiq integrated essential DB public transport elements (journey planning, offers, sales, and ticketing) into the app. Public transit was also added to give additional travel options accommodating other transportation providers (bike sharing, car sharing, etc.). The integrated mobility platform acted as a crucial tool during the three-month implementation period.

Integrated mobility platform use cases

DB Regio Bus
Wohin Du Willst

DB Regio Bus’s app Wohin Du Willst (Wherever You Want To Go) ensures that passengers can always see the array of mobility options available in their region and beyond. With different pricings, timetables, tariffs, and operators, the app was not able to manage pricing, ticket booking, and payment capabilities. Omnitiq provided the backend solution to sell bus tickets through the app, importing multiple pricing catalogues (with zones, stops, and tariffs) and providing valid offers for chosen routes (station to station). The integrated mobility platform successfully supplies the ticket to the customer through the Wohin Du Willst app.

Integrated mobility platform use cases

Enable mobility as a service, at scale

Discover how you can combine public sector goals with technical solutions to create a seamless and efficient user journey with the rise of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).



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Omnitiq – Integrated Mobility Platform

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