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Airports today are aggressively adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance every aspect of the flying experience. More than ever before, they are investing in the right solutions that offer long term benefits, reduce manual intervention, and provide quick results.
With 20+ years in the aviation domain, Nagarro brings deep expertise to help airports accelerate their digitalization journey and build a smart airport infrastructure. At Nagarro, we focus on creating seamless passenger experiences, running intelligent and agile operations, strengthening networking and collaboration – all powered by data and AI.

Are you searching for a dependable digital transformation partner to redefine your airport landscape? Join forces with us!

Turning business vision into reality

By bringing together the best of emerging technologies and our capabilities across data, AI, business intelligence and more, we aim to bring to you tailored offerings as per the airport's ecosystem.

Driving intelligent operations

Leveraging machine learning, data analytics, and digital solutions to gain operational insights and applying data-driven approaches resulting in:

  • Real-time analytics to monitor passenger flows
  • Wait time predictions
  • Queue management
  • Mobility solutions for automation of processes and workflows
Driving Intelligent Operations with digital solutions for airports

Delivering memorable customer experiences

Hand picking the latest technologies and crafting solutions to cater to diverse passenger needs across various passenger touchpoints via:

  • Smart traveler communities
  • Seamless airport navigations
  • Enhanced digital retailing 
  • Personalized travel assistance
  • Passenger sentimental analysis 
Delivering Memorable Customer Experience with our digital solutions for airports

Digitalized infrastructure

Empowering airports to evolve into an interconnected ecosystem through the implementation of cutting-edge, technology-driven smart infrastructure such as:

  • AR-based smart glass airport asset inspection
  • Computer vision for maintenance and passenger analysis 
  • IoT driven solutions for waste management systems 
  • AI-driven virtual assistance
  • RFID-based asset tracking
Building Smart Infrastructure with our digital solutions for airports

iADAP: Our data and AI solution

iADAP (intelligent airport data and analytics platform) utilizes data sets across various airports and airline processes and systems. Data from operational systems is analyzed in various ways to provide actionable insights for taking the right decisions to meet crucial airport KPIs such as wait times, throughputs, punctuality, customer analytics, and retailing.


Centralized Information Access   Real-time integrations

Data collection: Fetches data from diverse sources, including information from flights, airline systems, baggage handling, security systems, weather updates, flight schedules, and more.
Real-time integration: Incorporates real-time data feeds through integration with data sources to provide real-time information for operational decision-making.

Transperancy   Predictive analytics & live dashboards

Data intelligence: Leverages ML-based forecasting models to analyze historical flight data, booking data, weather conditions, seasonal trends, and other pertinent factors to predict several airport aspects.


Customizable dashboards & visualizations: Dashboards offering real-time updates and visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling stakeholders to monitor airport operations such as: 
•    Predicting flight delays
•    Anticipating crowd patterns
•    Forecasting retail preferences
•    Optimizing resource allocation

Collaboration   Collaboration & communication

Quick information dissemination: Creates a centralized hub for real-time updates to provide accurate and updated information.

Common operational picture: All relevant departments and stakeholders have access to a common operational picture, fostering a shared understanding of the status of airport operations. 

Grant Management   KPIs

Performance metrics: Generates key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics to help airports assess operations in terms of waiting times, throughputs, passenger flows, and more.

Historical analysis: Allows for historical analysis to identify trends, forecast future demands, and optimize long-term planning.

Some of our most amazing work

Dublin Airport

Intelligent data and analytics platform

Our aviation experts at Nagarro are bringing cloud, data engineering, and business intelligence expertise to deliver a state-of-the-art data and analytics platform for the Dublin Airport. The modern data platform integrates with various airline and airport systems to generate multidimensional actionable insights across the various airport processes.

The solution contributes to improving departure punctuality, gate management, passenger and baggage flows, and airside operations reducing apron, taxiway, and holding point congestion including, pavement and terminal management.

Dublin airport

Vienna International Airport

Automation framework for system testing

Vienna International Airport (VIE) wanted to modernize its existing AODB which had integration with over 30 airport systems.

Our team of aviation experts played a crucial role in the seamless testing of VIE’s core systems (with no impact on the day of operations) with our automation framework. This helped reduce maintenance by 87% (as compared to traditional test automation) and made test cycle execution 60% faster.


Test automation is key for effective testing in our agile processes. Our automated test cases must remain stable during business-related and technical changes, as well as during changes in the automation technology we use. We were able to change the automation engine from a commercial tool to a fully open-source stack with minimal effort of just a couple of weeks. The test cases were designed and automated on a business level, and hence the same test cases that were written for our legacy system could run in our new, modernized system.

With the automation framework developed by Nagarro, our testers can focus on what’s important: finding bugs.

Our aim is to leverage our data to create trusted information and actionable insights about our business, passengers, and customers to drive business outcomes across every part of our organization. We are excited to work with the Nagarro team, which brings the experience and drive we need to succeed.


Unlocking business transformation for airports

Boost the overall efficiency of airport processes by harnessing data and AI.



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