Manufacturing and Automation

Whether we end up calling it the “Industrial Internet” or “Industry 4.0”, there is little doubt that the fourth industrial revolution – well and truly underway - will leave the manufacturing industry looking nothing like what it does today. Billions or trillions of cheap sensors and big data capabilities will result in decentralised intelligence all along the supply chain. This intelligence will improve quality, increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact, help workers stay healthy, and create happier customers.

Successful manufacturing giants of tomorrow will have to become great software companies. This transition is not easy. It requires a culture that embraces innovation and capabilities in cutting-edge technologies. As a strategic partner to global leaders in consumer and industrial manufacturing, we provide these capabilities and help you make the leap into the next era.


Some sample offerings in Manufacturing and Automation include:

SCADA systems
Our SCADA X-SIGHT solution provides an intuitive, web- or mobile-based monitoring and control platform for complex devices and allows a smooth integration of different types of equipment by the use of generic interfaces. This is particularly useful for large facilities and is currently used by Munich city as well as the German city of Essen.
Mobile solutions for material tracking
Our IDLogSuite suite comprises pre-built and highly adaptable components and powerful tools that facilitate fast and flexible implementation of mobile solutions in the areas of inventory, logistics, service, and product tracking. IDLogSuite can be used with barcodes, RFID tags, or any other part tracking mechanisms.
Process Analytics and Optimization
We provide custom solutions for process analytics that function as powerful decision support systems. These harness advanced mathematics and provide summary scorecard views of the entire manufacturing processes.
Quality management
Our quality management solutions feature powerful, custom workflow engines that automate the flow of information, integrate with your existing ERP systems to share data on materials, schedules and inventories, and are built to support quality initiatives like Six Sigma, Kaizen and Lean.