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ComplianceNow Web Summit 2024: Risk Management and Compliance Operations in SAP


Session details

Day 1

Session 1
Maximizing Efficiency: Test automation strategies for turbocharging your SAP S/4HANA deployment
Session by Jens Haselbauer and Alina Feyh, Nagarro

To ensure a successful S/4HANA migration, you need to test everything – preliminary projects, apps, features & functions and, of course, authorizations. In this session, you will learn how authorization and testing teams can guarantee the success of your S/4HANA migration at any time of project line. We will show you how you can successfully master today's requirements for shorter release cycles and efficient resource and budget utilization with effective test automation in your company. Save up to 80% of the effort compared to manual test procedures and relieve your business users effectively and sustainably.
Day 1

Session 2
Unlocking the path to S/4HANA - the impact of the STAR rule set
Session by Sarmad Reda, 1DigitalTrust and Tom Svarre Christensen, ComplianceNow

Unlock actionable insights for optimizing SAP roles and authorizations, facilitating a smooth transition to S/4HANA while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our agenda covers dissecting the STAR rule set, its impact on SAP roles, role redesign strategies, and real-world case studies.
Day 1

Session 3
Update on compliance from the auditor's perspective
Session by Jesper Parsberg Madsen and Søren Rosenkvist, PwC

Get an update on the key topics for compliance seen from an auditor’s perspective including the usual suspects such as security and controls together with new areas such as ESG and New Bookkeeping Act.
Day 1

Session 4
CN GRC Suite: Your key to quickly enhance SAP compliance and risk management
Session by Tom Svarre Christensen and Vadim Reinhold, ComplianceNow

Our GRC experts will delve into the CN risk management suite and explain the existing synergies between Segregation of Duties, mitigating controls and privileged access management. The session includes a demo on dealing with a classic scenario – audit/re-approval of IT accesses, and how SoD and control tools can help support this process.
Day 2

Session 1
How to handle and access SAP legacy data and documents in S/4HANA while remaining compliant
Session by Nico Kuijper, D&IM Services

The migration to S/4HANA is quite complex. Understand how to shut down your SAP legacy systems and, simultaneously, enable access to legacy data and documents in S/4HANA in a user-friendly, compliant way. The session will include a demo on how access to legacy data and documents in a S/4HANA system will be possible without migrating years of legacy data.
Day 2

Session 2
Optimizing Compliance in SAP: Managing unavoidable risk with mitigating controls
Session by Vadim Reinhold, ComplianceNow

Get introduced to the ComplianceNow Internal Control tool as a central solution for managing operational risks in SAP environments. Understand the useability of a mitigating control through a comparative analysis between a typical manual control process and the CN Internal Control tool; get to know the broader benefits and how our tool can help streamline and enhance risk management practices.
Day 2

Session 3
Executive Briefing: SAP Cyber Security
Session by Ernest Gutierrez Roca, Onapsis & Donnie Mark Lund, 1DigitalTrust

In this executive briefing, our experts will focus on SAP Cyber Security and highlight the urgency of safeguarding critical SAP systems due to an expanding attack surface. They will also address the urgent need to safeguard these crucial assets, emphasizing the perils of overlooking SAP security measures mandated under RISE.

CNWS2024 Speakers

Jens Haselbauer photo
Jens Haselbauer
Alina 400 x 400
Alina Feyh
Sarmad Reda photo
Sarmad Reda
Jesper Parsberg Madsen photo
Jesper Parsberg Madsen
Tom Svarre Christensen photo
Tom Svarre Christensen
Vadim Reinhold photo
Vadim Reinhold
Nico Kuijper photo
Nico Kuijper
D&IM Services
Donnie Mark Lund
Ernest Gutierrez Roca
Søren Rosenkvist

CNWS2024 Participating Companies

ComplianceNow Web Summit 2024

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