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    We do cool stuff!

    We specialize in solving the most complex technology challenges in an agile way. We are known for driving breakthrough innovations, for having very high technical and quality standards. Systems we have created run a good chunk of the world today. 
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    We look for the brightest minds!

    But we hire for fit – integrity, capability, and drive are important – and people who join us once seldom leave. We are a flat organization with an entrepreneurial environment. Our unique DNA is defined by our values and culture.
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    Our mission statement

    "To make distance irrelevant between intelligent people": People who are intelligent will use trust and understanding to bridge the distance among themselves and when dealing with clients or partners. Wherever in the world they may be.
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    Our core value is CARING!

    Caring and for others and for our nature is very important to us. Nagarro’s core values – which are the guiding principles behind decisions we make, how we act, and what we expect from each other - can be summed up in one word: “CARING”.
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Caring is one of our seven core values and also, by design, the acronym for the other six core values. We follow a humanistic, people-first way of thinking and nurturing, whether internally, or with our clients, or with society in general. The value also implies an emphasis on ethics, which we have integrated into our organization's culture.

  • We believe in being empathetic in all our actions
  • We care about the environment and act sustainably
  • We are CARING
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We think breakthroughs for our clients. We start with the client’s strategic goals and apply tech to achieving them. Instead of showing a defensive way of working we work with clients in a positive partnership. When a project has an issue, we lean towards fixing problems first and negotiate financials later. Nagarrians are empowered to do what they think is best for the client.

  • Nagarrians always keep the interests of clients in mind
  • We anticipate and proactively address clients' concerns and needs
  • We strive to provide high level of client satisfaction
  • We are always accessible and responsive to the client

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We are responsive, we move fast. We like POCs, hackathons, MVPs. Agile doesn’t mean absence of processes. We trust processes, but we prefer them to be crisp and analytics driven. Nagarro provides an environment that encourages experimentation; recognizes and rewards efforts; accepts failure with an understanding that it often precedes success. 

  • Nagarrians have a positive attitude and are keen on learning new things
  • We thrive in ambiguous situations and are adaptable
  • We address issues promptly, in pursuit of perfection
  • We are not scared of taking calculated and smart risks

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We do not act as guests at Nagarro, we act as though we are responsible for it. The same applies to our planet and environmental awareness is a high priority for us. We own the outcomes of the work we are doing, and we also own our dependencies. When something fails, we look for what we should have done better. At Nagarro, individuals lead by example and act as an inspiration for others. We make “thought through” commitments and take ownership for the delivery of the business objectives. 

  • Nagarrians are self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • We have a well-developed sense of ownership
  • We have a solution focused approach and learn from mistakes
  • We use our ‘Kaizen’ mindset and always seek to improve
  • We have a strong awareness of environmental issues and act sustainably

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Nagarrians have “bridge-shaped skills”: deep expertise in a few select areas but also an ability to engage with diverse topics. Nagarrians dive into technical problems with enthusiasm and confidence, enjoy problem-solving and like probing questions (“Why would you say that? How does it work exactly? What can we do with it?”).

  • Nagarrians are innovative and generate breakthrough ideas
  • We think strategically and see the larger picture
  • We figure out what’s wrong and resolve complex problems
  • We anticipate, weigh and manage risks

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For us, data wins arguments, not designations. We eschew unnecessary signs of hierarchy, while recognizing that some roles have a greater scope of power than others. Nagarro empowers the individuals to be solution-providers and enables a flat-work environment where everyone’s point of view is encouraged and given due consideration. 

  • Nagarrians show respect towards everyone
  • We feel free to share our candid opinions
  • We are collaborative and involve others
  • We don’t hesitate in receiving and acting on feedback

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We are not a “front-end, back-end” company but work as a global team. We know that this requires trust and understanding. Nagarrians are open-minded and watchful for misunderstandings that can be caused by distance. We are interculturally elastic and deliberately amorphous. We are not a US, Germany, India or whatever based company – we are global.

  • Nagarrians are open to work with teams across the globe
  • We embrace differences and diversity
  • We don’t judge or act based on stereotypes
  • We respect the global organizational structure

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Are our values the same as yours?

Then be excited to work at Nagarro! We are growing rapidly, and we believe there’s an awesome future ahead. If you feel that you have what it takes to be a Nagarrian, check out our current openings.