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Our guiding principles can be defined by one word – CARING. This denotes a humanistic, people-first way of thinking and nurturing, and a strong emphasis on ethics. Caring guides us as a global company, but we act locally to affect change where it is most needed and relevant to where we are. 

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#EmbraceEquity: Why gender diversity matters  

Have you ever wondered what the difference between equality and equity is? Equality is about leveling the playing field, and equity means ensuring we all have the right shoes to play in it. We are all different, and making those differences irrelevant does not mean ignoring them. Instead, it means making it possible for them to never hold us back.  

At Nagarro, we have been increasing our activities to attract and retain female talent in the organization. Read more about what we do here.


Women at Nagarro – Why Gender Diversity is important for us