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Guarding against 'disruption'

7/1/2016, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: Disruption Agility Enterprise Agile Innovation

'Disruption' is the most dreaded word for any CXO nowadays. Every CXO is worried about his/her industry being disrupted by a new player - probably by a tiny startup. Most startups claim...

Are you losing out to disrupters?

6/24/2016, written by Nagarro

Categories: Agility Innovation

Traditional organizations often fall flat when it comes to innovation and delivery speed owing to the weight of their systems and processes. As industry dynamics change rapidly to...

Taking off: Implementing “Agile” in aviation

4/29/2016, written by Amneet Jhiete

Categories: Agility Aviation

Estimated at $556bni, the aviation industry is run by a vast ocean of products and services that work together seamlessly to make sure flights take-off and land on time, the passengers...




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Success Story