KI testen? Qualitätskriterien für Machine Learning

28.02.2018, written by Andrea Kling

Categories: Quality Assurance, Artificial Intelligence

KI und Machine Learning revolutionieren unsere Welt: Längst haben personalisierte Kaufempfehlungen, Natural Language Processing und Gesichtserkennung Einzug in unser tägliches Leben gehal...

Adventures in deep learning: The land of IoT

20.02.2018, written by Anurag Sahay

Categories: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, AI

Big data and information: Machines are increasingly fitted with different kinds of sensors. This sensor information is at the core of the IoT revolution that we are finding ourselves in. ...

Applying a security first approach to product engineering

6.02.2018, written by Richard Wheatley

Categories: Product Development, Security-first, Product Engineering, Security

Whether it is personal banking, accessing government services, controlling the heating system in our homes or running our relationships, we are increasingly dependent on software applicat...

Changing gears: 5 factors that influence a successful cloud adoption strategy

1.12.2017, written by Amit Chopra

Categories: Cloud, Cloud Adoption Strategy, Cloud Best Practices

In recent years, the landscape for cloud services has been changing gears to the extent of becoming a disruptive force towards the gross IT expenditure for enterprises. In fact, according...

Do you know how your partners evaluate their people?

17.11.2017, written by Michael Møller

Categories: Customer satisfaction, PCEO

In my many years promoting, selling and delivering highly complex technical solutions, not once has anyone asked me “How do you measure the people actually delivering your new solution? W...

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