Welcome to the Connected Enterprise DEMO Lab

We have all heard it before, and now it is here in front of us with our Connected Enterprise Demo Lab bringing smart technologies in a compilation of innovations to see, feel, and touch!

Our Connected Enterprise Demo Lab is an innovative space to implement several use cases on the latest technologies. Team Nagarro has already converted almost ten of the most important digital technology concepts (including Assisted Reality, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance, and IoT) from real-life environment to vivid demos. 

What you can experience
  • A cookie factory where sensors support quality control, Smart Glasses & chatbots that support workers and HoloLens is used for Smart Worker training.
  • A warehouse that uses drones for inventory check and Smart Glasses for pick & stock scenarios.
  • Supply chain traceability through a scalable and enterprise-ready solution on the blockchain, based on which the procurement department of a factory can mitigate challenges like cost-reduction, traceability, transparency, security, and efficiency.
  • A connected car application that provides a real-time data dashboard, giving you information on position, speed, economy, racing cars health/

All applications can be implemented on the cloud platforms of AWS, Google, and Microsoft. 

With the new format, Nagarro underlines its pragmatic approach to bring the theories around the often-discussed Digital Transformation to life!

For more information on our connected enterprise innovations, download the brochure and learn more about the offered scenarios.


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