About The Webinar

Energy and utilities companies understand the tremendous value of actionable insights from data mining and analytics-driven decision-making. However, getting data ready for mining and analytics is not easy. E&U companies need to leverage diverse sets of data collected not only from sensors and AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), but also from operational data stores such as GIS, CRM, and MDM. And it is often challenging to collect, organize, map, clean, and manage diverse data across various business functions, while meeting business-centric parameters related to security, governance, and compliance

Watch the webinar to learn how to become future-ready in terms of your data strategy. Our AI and Data Sciences expert, Anurag Sahay talks about how to:

  • Develop a data characterization, storage, and management strategy for a smart enterprise
  • Design for high availability & efficiency and low latency.
  • Drive data security and ensure compliance
  • Address the 'to be on Cloud' or 'not to be Cloud' conundrum
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The Speaker

Anurag Sahay_Nagarro AI Data Science Expert
Anurag Sahay
Vice President, AI & Data Sciences, Nagarro

An industry veteran with an experience of about 26 years, Anurag started his journey with IBM in India and the U.S. After joining a networking start-up in the San Francisco Bay Area, he moved to Nokia Networks where he led the Test Engineering and Technology offices. In 2004, Anurag joined Microsoft and worked on Mobile Protocols and Web Services from the corporate headquarters in Redmond. Since 2016, Anurag has been leading the Data Science and AI endeavours at Nagarro. When not researching on AI, Anurag likes to take philosophy sessions with millennials and share the joy of discovering new ideas.

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