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1 single app, 26 airlines


Travel & Logistics


Product Design




User Experience
User Interface


A Unified Flight Network

To facilitate collaboration among the 26 member airlines of Star Alliance, there was a need for an easy to use, comprehensive mobile flight-and-fare search solution. A single application that removes artificial online barriers, and enables the millions of Star Alliance travelers to visualize the network spanning 197 countries worldwide.

Star Alliance partnered with Nagarro to build a robust iOS and Android


A Robust Solution

In a user-centric and hyper-personalized world, it is imperative to create easy, intuitive, and flexible client-facing solutions. Star Alliance partnered with Nagarro to build iOS and Android apps that support the ability of customers to search flights, obtain pricing, make reservations and board planes across all 26 of their member airlines.

Nagarro designed UI for Star Alliance App

A Universally Scalable Way to Render Maps

Nagarro embraced the challenge of building an integrated mobile flight-and-fare search solution to enhance the Star Alliance travel ecosystem. Our team designed the User Interface and created an easy-to-use, high-performance solution that enabled quick sorting and filtering to ensure successful navigation and better results for the customer. We successfully met the strict time-to-market timeline by implementing an Agile Project Management methodology.

Nagarro developed biometric facial recognition system for Star Alliance

Biometric Airport Processes

Nagarro partnered with Star Alliance to build the biometrics facial recognition system to be used for check-in, baggage handling, security checkpoints, lounge access, and aircraft boarding on all participating airlines at airports worldwide. Passengers are now able to enroll through a participating member airline's app. Airports that opt-in to these services allow travelers to upload a selfie and passport scan and verify their identity using biometric recognition services. Only one physical registration is required, allowing a hygienic touch-free, paperless process.

Application product design, UI UX, development and QA for Star Alliance

Your Mobile Companion for the Star Alliance Experience

Nagarro developed app for trip planning_Star Alliance

Flight Status

Get the latest flight status for any
of our member airlines' flight
+/- 2 days of operation.



All Flights

Find flights and connections across the entire Star Alliance network.

Create Trips

Add flights to your Trips to see additional information.


Nagarro developed app for trip planning_Star Alliance



Register for Biometrics to board your flight using facial recognition.




All Lounges

Detailed lounge information
for all of our destinations.


Nagarro developed app for lounge information with Star Alliance



We are proud to have created a unique solution for Android and iOS users, powered by Skyscanner — a search engine that fetches results and enables bookings.

We designed the UI and created an easy-to-use, high-performance solution that enabled quick sorting and filtering to ensure successful navigation and better results. Now Star Alliance customers can board SA flights using facial recognition. It streamlines the process of passing through security, makes the onboarding much faster, and baggage claim as painless as possible — all without showing any identification documents!

“We have had a long-term relationship with Nagarro, they have always understood our needs and have always delivered the right solution. In the world of technology, it is easy to get caught up in the complexity of things, but with Nagarro, we are always more focused on the result, the destination, and how it will better our operations and in this case our customers’ complete booking experience. More than a vendor, they are a partner.”

Jeremy Drury
Director Digital & Technology Services, Star Alliance