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From a Kickstarter prototype, to a functional app




Product Design




User Experience
User Interface

Introducing Fluent Forever

Learn a language and never forget

Fluent Forever is a language learning startup that invented a groundbreaking methodology for learning new languages. They were ready to go from paper to digital with this method, and bring a completely new tool to the market. Nagarro was the right partner to help transform an idea to a Kickstarter prototype — and then to a fully functional app.

Building the Fluent Forever app – UI UX CX

Fluent Forever's founder, Gabriel Wyner, already had a best-selling book, and was ready to take this method to the digital world. Over the course of a one-year partnership, a cross-disciplinary team of product managers, designers, and engineers worked together with Fluent Forever to solve some of their toughest challenges.

With no initial capital, we had to capture the core vision of the product in a prototype that would help a startup founder crowdfund his idea.


The prototype was part of a larger crowdfunding campaign by Fluent Forever that raised over 1.7 million dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


Following the successful funding campaign, we needed to create a seamless fulfillment experience for the people that backed the project. Most importantly, we had to build this revolutionary tool in a way that makes learning a new language from a mobile phone an effective and enjoyable experience.

Crowdfunding campaign by Fluent Forever on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
Overview of Fluent Forever’s interface and app screenshots

Managing fulfillment after a successful campaign

Once the Fluent Forever app was funded, we started working to bring it to life. Simultaneously, we had to ensure a smooth fulfillment process for the backers who pre-purchased a subscription to a product that did not even exist yet.

We developed a custom front and back-end web solution to manage the early backers, ensuring they were able to make additional purchases even though the campaign was closed. The website made it easy for backers to upgrade their subscription plan, and/or give a gift subscription to one of their friends or family.

This solution allowed Fluent Forever to continue adding cashflow while the app was in development. It succeeded in raising an additional $250,000 to the $1.7 million that was already funded.

Building the Fluent Forever app – UI UX CX

Our approach

Designing the customer experience

Learning a new language is hard. We wanted to create an experience that would make it less intimidating for a person who had no prior knowledge, and more challenging for a person who is already on their way to fluency.

We created three different profiles: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. With just a few questions during onboarding, the app customizes the content to meet users at their learning level.

Building the Fluent Forever app – UI UX CX
Fluent Forever app screenshots

How it works

Learning made easy

The core way people learn a foreign language using Fluent Forever is by creating personalized flashcards — and studying the right card at the right time. Because using this app is a self guided experience, we designed the system to make suggestions — so that users wouldn't feel unsure about what to do next.

The card-based interface on the home screen provides relevant suggested tasks based on what the user completed last. Tasks range from watching videos and creating flashcards—to reviewing flashcards or hiring a tutor.

Learning made easy with Fluent Forever app

Creating flashcards on Fluent Forever

Fast flashcard creation

Creating personalized flashcard is a feature that is central to Fluent Forever's unique methodology. We made it easy to create flashcards on a mobile phone with just a few taps.

Deck review on the Fluent Forever app

Simple deck review

Once enough flashcards have been created, the next step is to study the personalized deck. The flashcard design template supports multiple languages and over 15 different flashcard types.

Self grading on the Fluent Forever app


We optimized the studying process on mobile and made self-grading a fluid experience by swiping left or right to grade and advance cards.

: Reinforcements for positive encouragement on the Fluent Forever app

Positive reinforcement

To keep people motivated and feeling good, we made sure there was lots of positive reinforcement throughout the app experience.

Fluent Forever Website

Summing it up

Working together towards the same goal

The app has been released in Beta Mode for Android and iOS smartphones. While crowdfunding backers have been playing with early versions for a while, this release marks a shift from a preview release that users can play around with, to a truly useful tool for long term language study.


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beta users
growth in users since December 2018