Data - The humus for your innovation
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Event Summary

Over 120 guests followed our invitation and joined us at the Nagarro Office in Vienna on September 26th, 2019 for the TURNTABLE Vol. 1. The new series of events kick-started with the hot topic of data.

A great turnout and interactions at the Q&A sessions confirmed that we had hit the nail on the head with the topic: In an increasingly connected world with exponentially growing amounts of data, all companies, regardless of their industry, face the same challenge: To develop the existing business models competitively based on a suitable data strategy. Intelligent data management offers enormous opportunities for the future of any company.

Data is the new humus – new technologies, processes, and ideas grow. It is an essential production factor that keeps you competitive, as emphasized by our speakers from well-known companies. They shared their experiences and valuable insights for intelligent solutions with the audience: 

  • Scott Wiggins shared his 4-step approach of his data journey at Andritz. They started with an ideation process as part of Nagarro's innovation toolkit. A newly developed datathon was organized to evaluate the existing data. This resulted in a first proof-of-concept, which eventually led to the successful implementation of a real data-lake project.
  • Ewald Koller took us along his data-journey from (1) realize Postbus was sitting on an enormous data heap from their buses, to (2) data-analysis looking for anomalies in bus performance to (3) gain insights to enable predictive bus maintenance. And the journey goes on.
  • Maximillian Schwarzmaier shared his experience on working with Nagarro replacing barcode scanner in the warehouse through Smart Glass with a 30% efficiency gain and high user acceptance overcoming obstacles on his data-journey.
  • Anurag Sahay explained the three most important entry points into Big Data projects and gave his view on the relevance of Data Warehouses versus Data Lakes in the future.
  • Live Demos showed how tons of data can be used in combination with analytics, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to make data profitable.

We are very happy about the positive feedback we received from our guests and are very much looking forward to TURNTABLE Volume II next year.

Expert Talks


Assisted Reality

With Data Glasses, all test sequences can be controlled by voice command and errors can be recorded by voice recognition. Pictures and videos can be taken hands-free at any time during the inspection. Audio recordings are automatically converted to text. After completion of the technical inspection, a complete acceptance report can be created and exported at the touch of a button. At ÖBB-Postbus, we have implemented an innovation project for bus inspection and showed how it works. Whether for buses, other vehicles or machines - every inspection and acceptance process is more efficient thanks to Smart Glass, time savings guaranteed!

Connected Cars

Based on a case study from the automotive industry we showed how big data can be used in combination of analytics, data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to impact industry segment and profitably leverage data. Through a car racing game we simulated a networked car environment. The unstructured data generated during the game at high speed and high volume was pushed to data lakes. Key insights were derived from these data showcasing the usefulness & benefits of data lakes.