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Embracing remote

The ultimate guide to thrive in a remote work era.
Pooja Shukla
Pooja Shukla
About the eBook

The IT industry has seen a major shift from closed office spaces to completely remote setup with teams distributed all over the globe in last few months. Businesses changed overnight and so did the market expectations. Struck by this sudden shift in norms, industry is now paving its way to attain maximum benefit by leveraging the positives that came along with this shift and looking at ways to minimize the impact of the challenges posed by it.

In this eBook we aim at:

  • exploring the current trends and future of remote working.

  • taking a deep dive into the issues and benefits of remote working.

  • looking at certain measures that can help the teams and organizations align themselves well with this change.

Pooja Shukla
Pooja Shukla
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Download this guide to learn about the essentials of effective remote working!