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white paper

Build a Pragmatic, Future-ready Test Engineering Ecosystem

Download white paper
Do you know 70-80% of test data requirements can be automated? Download this whitepaper to get a 360-degree overview of a future-ready QA team for your enterprise!

As per Nagarro’s internal surveys, 78% of enterprises strongly believe that they need more efficient QA organizations to respond to disruption. Also, around 25% of an application’s development and operational costs can be saved through efficient operations. Quite evidently then, quality assurance is an essential part of the enterprise software lifecycle. 

This white paper aims to delve deep into enterprise-level issues faced by QA teams, and provide gainful insights on the following topics: 

  • Test Metrics Management (quantitative measurement of how well a testing process is doing) 
  • Efficient Test Data Management (steps tstreamline the testing process) 
  • Flexible People and Governance Framework (solutions to build an agile testing team) 
  • Test Value Chain (approaches tmake QA more fundamental to development processes) 

interested to learn more?

Download white paper