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Open Digital Platforms: The backbone of tomorrow's banks



duration: 1 hour
Lakshmi Raghunath, Nagarro
Part I
API as a product: Get the most value out of your APIs
Ankur Sinha & Priyansu Das
Open Banking Experts @ Nagarro
Part II
Round table: API products & marketplaces as cornerstones of open digital platforms
Oan Ali, Ahli United Bank
Amit Arora, Saxo Bank
Abe Karar, Fintech Galaxy
Sandeep Gupta, Nagarro
Syed Aftab Ahamed, Nagarro

Moderation: Lakshmi Raghunath, Nagarro
Lakshmi Raghunath, Nagarro


Oan Ali_AUB
Oan Ali
Head of DevOps & Architecture
Ahli United Bank
Abe Karar_FTG 2
Abe Karar
Chief Product & Innovation Officer
Fintech Galaxy
Amit Arora
Amit Arora
Enterprise Architect
Saxo Bank
Sandeep Gupta_Nagarro
Sandeep Gupta
Lead BFSI Business Unit
Syed Aftab Ahamed
Syed Aftab Ahamed
Co-Lead - APIM Practice
Priyansu Das
Priyansu Das
Delivery Manager, Banking
Ankur Sinha - Ankur Sinha
Ankur Sinha
Technical Architect
Lakshmi Raghunath
Lakshmi Raghunath
Delivery Manager, Banking
Open Digital Platforms

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