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How API management empowers innovation in financial services



Louisa Murray_Railsbank
Louisa Murray
COO, UK and Europe, Railsbank
Paul Rohan_web
Paul Rohan
Head of Business Strategy – Finance, Google Cloud
Maria Jose Perea Marquez_web
Maria Jose Perea Marquez
Executive Partner Solution Design & Venturing, LD7
Nicolas Goilav
Nicolas Goilav
Open Platform Lead, IFS Strategic Initiatives, BNP Paribas
Emil Kirschner_LiquidShare
Emil Kirschner
Lead Architect, LiquidShare
Dan Tusaliu_Nagarro
Dan Tusaliu
Head of BFSI, Nagarro
Bernd Schulze_Nagarro
Bernd Schulze
Co-Lead API Management, Nagarro
How API management empowers innovation in financial services

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