IREB Certified Professional for Re Foundation level  -  LANGUAGE: GERMAN


The basis for a successful IT project is laid by analyzing and documenting the relevant system requirements. Knowledge of the methods of requirements engineering are therefore a critical success factor. The IREB® curriculum offers a consistent methodology for the determination, analysis, and documentation of requirements and solution descriptions. You will learn how a common language between business analysts, project managers, system and software architects, developers and software testers can make a significant contribution to improving the quality of the results. 


For everyone involved, the requirements in projects are the substantive basis of their work. The success of projects is therefore directly related to professional handling of the requirements. The training creates an optimal basis for a common understanding of requirements engineering. This is the only way to achieve an outstanding quality of results and high customer satisfaction. 


The IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering curriculum, including practical examples and in-depth training in individual or group exercises, includes: 

  • Basics and concept of requirements engineering 
  • Target groups, stakeholders and system delimitation 
  • Determine, document, check, coordinate and manage requirements 
  • Quality requirements 
  • Quality criteria for requirements 
  • Get to know tool support 
  • Business analysts 
  • Requirements manager 
  • Project manager 
  • System and software architects 
  • Software engineers 
  • Quality manager 
  • Test Manager 
  • Test specialists 
  • Product manager 
  • Change manager 

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