ICAgile Programming (JAVA / C#): Adv. Programming Techniques for Agile Teams
LANGUAGE: GERMAN or English (as per choice)

Continuous learning and the pursuit of technical excellence are essential factors for successful software development. In order to deliver high quality software despite fast moving requirements, developers 
have to master modern practices and tools. In a hands-on training, ICAgile Programming helps you attain the skills and the mindset required to be successful as part of an agile development team


In targeted hands-on coding sessions, the participants consolidate their knowledge of how to write code that can be easily expanded and tested despite changing requirements. They implement unit tests that test the right thing and are both quick and easy to maintain. By conveying content that builds on one another and selected examples, you develop a high level of understanding for specific problems and effective solutions. You will learn tools and practices that will help you avoid the “hell of integration” when working in a team and expand and improve existing code without fear of regression. In addition, you will learn new ways to create an equal understanding of the requirements between business and development. This ensures that you not only develop correctly, but also develop the right one. 


The content includes tools and agile techniques such as: 

  • Continuous integration and automation
  • Implementation of effective unit tests
  • Test-driven development
  • Clean code, design principles, and refactoring
  • Essential practices for the correct handling of "Legacy Code"

We put particular importance to an agile mindset as well as know-how and practices that improve both teamwork and understanding of the customer's perspective. This includes topics such as:

  • Collective code ownership
  • Pair programming
  • Behavior-driven development
  • Acceptance test-driven development

The training leaves plenty of space for questions and practice-oriented discussions with a strong connection to the everyday life of development teams. 

  • Software developers 
  • Software test automation engineers 
  • Software architects 

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