Agile Testing In A Nutshell  |  LANGUAGE: GERMAN

When participating in an agile testing project for the first time, there are often great challenges regarding the roles, tasks and the process involved. In this one-day workshop, you will understand and experience live the agile approach and the differences from the traditional test approach. 


From tester to quality coach! In many cases, companies that have changed their approach to agile often do not know what tangible benefits testers actually bring to an agile team. In addition to the "professional guide," the participants gather inputs for project/team and understand why it is important in an agile environment to include professional testers in the team. You get clarity about who does what, when and who has which responsibility in the team. You also get ideas about what can be immediately implemented in your own environment. 


On the one hand, the focus is on the explanation of the general and the special agile elements with test reference and on the other hand on the immediate, practical implementation in the team. The scope includes: 

  • Agile "in a minute" - the basics: from the product backlog to the accepted deliverable 
  • Who is who? The roles in the agile environment and their tasks 
  • "Tester 2.0" - The necessary soft and hard skillsHow is it really going? What is the difference in the phases from initiation to sprint to retrospective? 
  • Key Success Factors - the key factors to become successful in an agile team  
Target Audience
  • Software-Tester
  • Test Manager 

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