Continuous learning and striving for technical excellence are critical factors for successful software development. To deliver high-quality software with fast-moving requirements, developers must master modern practices and tools. ICAgile Programming teaches the skills and mindset in hands-on training to be successful as part of an agile development team.


In targeted hands-on coding sessions, participants reinforce their knowledge of writing codes that can be easily modified and tested with the changing requirements. You implement unit tests that test the right code and that are both fast and easy to maintain. You will develop a high level of understanding for concrete problems and effective solutions through the mediation of interdependent content and selected examples. You will learn the tools and practices that will help you prevent the "hell of integration" in team collaboration, and you will further expand and improve the existing code without the fear of regression. In addition, you will learn new ways to create an equal understanding of the requirements between business and development, ensuring correct & precise development.

Scope and objective

The scope of this training includes the tools and agile techniques such as:

  • Continuous integration and build automation
  • Implementation of effective unit tests
  • Test-Driven development
  • Clean code, design principles and refactoring
  • Essential practices for the correct use of the legacy code

We set a high priority on an agile mindset as well as on the practices that improve team collaboration and understanding of the client's perspective. These practices include topics such as:

  • Collective code ownership
  • Pair programming
  • Behavior-Driven Development
  • Acceptance Test-Driven Development
  • Software developers
  • Software test automation specialists
  • Software architects


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